Incepted in 2016, Piranha Sportswear has been catering several Indian leagues for the last couple of years. The Sportswear brand envisages becoming one of the renowned sportswear brands not limited to just Indian market.

In order to be internationally acclaimed sportswear brand, the brand concentrates on its active-wear collection aesthetically designed by the hands of adept professionals maintaining a consistent quality at first. Depending upon the endurance and the tenacity of a particular sports format, Piranha blends different fabrics to cotton including Polyester spandex blend, polyester cotton blend and cotton only. At the one hand where polyester provides resistance to dirt and delivers strength to the sportswear while on the other hand cotton renders smoothness to the athletes’ skin.

In its printing segment, the Online merchant Piranha makes use of a technology called Sublimation Process which makes outfit colorfast in nature as well as delivers high longevity to the final products. In an attempt to make each women’s and men’s segment unique, the company uses digital and handmade techniques keeping abreast to the contemporary fashionable silhouette. There is no doubt that within a short span of two years, Piranha has set several benchmarks in the indigenous market of sportswear by associating up with several Indian sports teams. Last year, they have signed a deal with Chennai based cricket team, Chepauk Super Gillies (CSG) to be their official jersey partner for the Tamil Nadu Premier League(TNPL). Besides, Piranha has delivered official jersey to the FC GOA for the ISL season of 2017 being their official partner.

Now, as this Coimbatore-based brand Piranha is penetrating its sportswear in the Indian market with steadfast marketing strategy, Kumar Abhinav from Sportz Business talks with Ashwin Kaarthik .R, the CEO of Piranha Sportswear and tries to comprehend their future insights.

Q What goals have you set for next decade?

Our 10-year goal is multifold. We want to be the preferred brand for all sports apparel consumers. We want to increase our production capabilities so that we can deliver larger quantities in shorter timeframes. We want to enter the global market.

Q Please could you talk us through the typical process behind your work on a new product ?

We first choose themes based on which we make mood boards and color boards. Using this as the framework, we then create designs on paper and digitize them with the help of design software and subsequently we finalize our final design.

We then print strike-offs, make mock ups using different fits and patterns, and tweak it along the way till we arrive at a design that the entire team approves of.

Q Vapor Slay is Piranha’s range of moisture wicking fabric. Can you please elaborate on the use of this fabric and its benefits?

Cross sections of fibre in the fabric assist in moving out moisture to the outer surface. Sweat is dissipated quickly making sure the garment is not heavy while also keeping the body cool.

Q Tell us more about the ‘Sublimation Technique’ that you use while printing?

Sublimation is a printing technique wherein a digital printer is used to produce mirrored images on a specially coated ‘transfer paper’. The images are then transferred to fabric using a flat-bed fusing machine. The transfer paper is placed on polyester fabric and with the application of heat and pressure; the desired images are permanently fused onto the fabric.

Q As a veteran in this industry please advise our readers on what they should be looking at when buying activewear for themselves.

There are three aspects to consider while buying active-wear.

Comfort: Comfort depends on fabric and fit (athletic,compression, regular)

Purpose: Polyester is more suitable for active-wear as cotton retains more moisture, thus making it heavy. Woven polyester is better suited for shorts and track pants because of its rigid structure. Whereas Knit Polyester is concerned, it allows for a wider range of movement due to sheer elasticity, hence making it ideal for t-shirts. Activities like yoga requires garments that can stretch well. We use poly lycra with four way stretches which stays in shape. It is vital to use garments made for specific purposes to optimise our fitness experience.

Design: Being fit and working out have become an integral part of our social lives. We all want to look good even when we’re sweating it out, and that’s what we at piranha strive to do- make designs that stand out and are functional.

Q Think like the athlete and always have their best interest in mind- is your mantra. How do you ensure to fulfil this promise with your products?

We ensure that by putting functionality over everything else. We use appropriate fabrics and sewing techniques that assist in unrestricted movement wherever necessary. Even if this means higher costs and lower margins.

Q How do you inspire yourself to create fashionable & superior quality sportswear and active-wear?

Every day comes with a reminder for us that we have a long way to go to be at par with all the other great sportswear brands. We are committed to quality. We want to be the brand name that one associates quality sportswear with. The desire to achieve this objective keeps us inspired.

Q Can you elaborate your apparel manufacturing and sourcing service business model?

We have a core team that shares key responsibilities. We are a young brand both in terms of the age of the company as well as average age of our workforce. This leads to fluidity when it comes to job titles and roles played.

So the core team has, at different times been responsible for production, quality, sourcing, design, operations, marketing and sales. This makes us versatile as we all believe in the same goal. We work with vendors who deliver quality accessories and raw material on time. We are also quick to blacklist those who don’t deliver on their promises.


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