Life Fitness, a renowned global leader in commercial fitness equipment, is set to showcase its cutting-edge advancements in cardio, strength training, and digital products at the upcoming 2024 IHRSA Convention & Trade Show. This unveiling marks a significant milestone in the company’s 55-year legacy as a cornerstone in gyms and fitness facilities worldwide. A standout feature is the introduction of Symbio™, an unprecedented ultra-premium cardio line, which will make its debut at IHRSA 2024. This unveiling follows the company’s announcement of the four-machine Symbio™ collection in November 2023, highlighting Life Fitness’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the fitness industry.

Cardio Portfolio Highlights:

The Symbio product series by Life Fitness represents a groundbreaking fusion of advanced Symbio™ biomechanics, purposeful design with a touch of luxury, and personalized, immersive experiences, culminating in the ultimate multi-sensory fitness encounter. Meticulously engineered, Symbio seamlessly integrates with the versatile capabilities of the human body, tailoring workouts to be as unique as the individuals utilizing the machines. This innovative approach not only prioritizes functionality but also ensures a heightened level of engagement and satisfaction, setting a new standard for personalized fitness experiences in the industry.

“It’s long been the aim of Life Fitness to bring new energy to the cardio space,” stated Dan Wille, Chief Product Officer, Life Fitness. “With Symbio, our Symbio™ biomechanics team engaged in countless hours of research on how the body interacts with our new technologies and experiences, studying force impact, muscle engagement, VO2 max, ergonomics, and more. The result: a true manifestation of body and machine, together in harmony.”

The Symbio product series comprises an impressive lineup, and the Life Fitness team is extending a special invitation to IHRSA attendees to personally experience the purposeful design of these innovations on the trade show floor at Booth 1700 on March 7-8.

  • Symbio Runner™ (treadmill) features Adaptive Flex Deck® technology, where exercisers can select their preferred surface firmness with simulated real-world terrains, which helps mitigates the risk of injury.
  • Symbio™ Incline Elliptical touts a patent-pending incline mechanism, which creates an ellipse that emulates the body’s natural running motion.
  • Symbio SwitchCycle™ functions as a 2-in-1 upright bicycle with out-of-saddle riding, 100 levels of resistance, macro gears for group sprint resistance jumps and sensor-guided positioning for optimal comfort.
  • Symbio™ Recumbent Cycle takes the guesswork out of seat adjustment with on-screen seat and positioning guidance.

“Symbio builds upon our company’s heritage of creating equipment that feels natural for all bodies and levels of exercise while also pushing new boundaries,” statedd Jim Pisani, CEO, Life Fitness. “Cardio activity remains a critical element of the workout, and providing fitness facilities with a breakthrough solution is critical for the health of the business. Symbio reenergizes this space with long-sought-after versality, personalization and immersive experiences for a new era of fitness. We see Symbio as a catalyst for innovation not only within our own company, but also the bellwether for innovation in the cardio market at large.”

Strength Portfolio Highlights:

Alongside Symbio, the Life Fitness booth will also feature an array of new products from the fitness brand’s strength portfolio. Along with new benches, Insignia machines with connected fitness, and Hammer Strength plate-loaded units, the booth will highlight the Dual Adjustable Pulley with Progressive Stabilization and the Assisted Nordic Ham.

  • Dual Adjustable Pulley: The Dual Adjustable Pulley sets the standard for versatility and workout effectiveness — allowing for nearly endless strength activities to benefit exercisers looking for increased variety and facilities wishing to maximize their strength floor space. Most notably, this pulley system features a patented Progressive Stabilization system, which delivers a more functional cable training experience, a low starting resistance, cabling for dynamic movements, and a patented adjustable stability pad for support during key movements.
  • Assisted Nordic Ham: The Hammer Strength Assisted Nordic Ham is a plate-loaded product which allows athletes to execute full-range Nordic Hamstring Curls. This product features a single adjustment to accommodate varying size users and a counterbalanced design, that means the more weight a user adds, the easier the curl becomes.

Digital Solutions Highlights:

The company is also excited to launch Life Fitness Digital Solutions, the evolution of the suite of software platforms that connects Life Fitness equipment with tools to deliver more personalized workout experiences for trainers and exercisers, while maximizing profitability for facility operators.

Life Fitness Connect System, featuring Connect Kit, Trainer Connect and the exerciser-facing Connect app: The Connect System seamlessly integrates Life Fitness cardio, strength, and functional zones; exercisers can receive comprehensive tracking and workout guidance via the new Connect App; trainers can deliver personalized coaching through Trainer Connect. These Life Fitness tools, including tracking sensors for strength equipment, are part of the company’s acquisition of Sony Advagym.

Facility Connect is the next-generation asset management platform to maintain optimal equipment performance and make data-driven decisions to manage facilities, provide custom video content and personalize equipment options.

On-Site Activities

At IHRSA 2024 in Los Angeles, Life Fitness will be located at Booth 1700, March 7-8, offering several on-site activities, including:

  • An opportunity to experience the Symbio series, the new ultra-premium product collection.
  • An opportunity to test other Life Fitness and Hammer Strength products.
  • Informational group sessions with Derek Hansen, CSCS, Sprint and Running Coach, and Don Saladino, Coach and Fitness Entrepreneur.
  • Educational session “Running Towards Innovation – Energizing Your Cardio Space with Engaging Exerciser Experiences,” featuring Derek Hansen, Don Saladino and Leigh Wierichs, Life Fitness, Global Training and Education Manager, March 7 @ 1:00pm PST, Los Angeles Convention Center, Room 402A.

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