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Sportz Business is a vivid one stop online source protracting all the exclusive affairs of the Sports Goods & Fitness Industry. We have well accomplished on delivering expert views, reviews, and stories empowering millions with impartial and nonpareil opinions. Sports, Fitness & Wellness has become an inexorable part of our daily lifestyle and with Sportz Business expertise, millions of intriguers everyday are finding for itself a crony hangout zone.


Prashant Sawant, the man behind many Bollywood stars’ aesthetic physique

Prashant Sawant, the man behind several Bollywood stars fitness regime and aesthetic body structure. He is the one who is responsible for sculpting famous Bollywood...


Prevention of Sports Injuries in a doctors prescribed ways

Whether you play sports for competition or fitness, you don’t want to be sidelined with an injury. Time away from the game or in forced inactivity is something we...

Abhinav Bindra

ABTP targets Indian sportspersons’ performance

Abhinav Bindra Target Performance Centre(ABTP) is a state-of-the art physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre that is devoted to ease people from their different sports...



FIFA allowed Sports Goods Foundation of India(SGFI) members to produce Soccer balls for FIFA Quality Concept Licensees under section 4.6.2 of the WFSGI pledge for the...

Piyush Sachdeva

An Entrepreneur thrusts to infuse Sports culture in India

Piyush Sachdeva, a sportsperson-turned entrepreneur who has been working earnestly to transform Indian sporting culture in association with his select group of sports...

Sports Injuries

5 Sports Injuries You Can Avoid

Sports injuries are one of the most common injuries nowadays that can occur in athletic activities or while exercising. It happens from accidents, poor training...

Drew Neal

Shaping Celebs Drew Neal

Drew Neal is a Kickboxing champion who has been training many Bollywood celebs (Including Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Farhan Akhtar and many more) toning them to be...

NWSL and Budweiser

Budweiser and NWSL strikes multi-year sponsorship deal

Yesterday, National Women’s Soccer league (NWSL) announced their multi-year sponsorship deal with Budweiser. Significantly, yesterday US women’s steam defeated...

Fitness industry

Gym Programmed For Results

In India, there is an immense need for a crystal clear vision for gym goers to comprehend where they want to find themselves after a year or 6 months from now. As the...

Creatine enhancing muscle

Creatine supplement enhancing muscle volume and strength

Creatine is a natural stuff that turns into creatine phosphate in the body.The major role of Creatine supplement is to increase Phosphocreatine stores in the body...


The Essene of Safety gears in contemporary Sporting cult

Sports safety gears and equipment may sometime looks clumsy and odd, but using a proper safety gears for a sport is the most essential aspect of protecting the sports...


Vegan Supplements : Cruel- Free Road Towards Fitness

A cruelty-free way of life might be an avant-garde in the West but in India, veganism is deeply entrenched into the culture. People are taught to respect all living...


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