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Gym Shorts

How to Dress up for a Warm-Weather Exercise Session

As the temperature is rising, many people have skipped going to gym which they have stated a few months before during winters. There might be varied...

Gym Equipments

Punching Bag

Here are the top boxing punching bags available in India

If you are following any particular fitness regimen, then it won’t be concluded devoid of a punching bag.  As boxing is not just a sport but an...

Sports Equipments

Racket and Shuttle

Top 5 Badminton Rackets brands in India

In India at the time when several sports league are coming up with much fanfare, the sport of shuttle i.e. Badminton is a separate entity which has...

Fitness Equipments


Aptiv, a fitness platform launches AI-based personal train …

Fitness startup Aptiv came up with artificial-intelligence-enabled trained called Aptive Coach. It will use proprietary algorithm to plan workout...



Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Mercedes-Benz Stadium awarded as Sports Facility of the Year

At the 12th annual sports business award on Wednesday, Mercedes-Benz Stadium won accolade for its world-class infrastructure. The gala event was organized by Sports...

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