Gyms and fitness studios indeed offer an excellent facility to get your sweat on. Visiting these gyms and fitness centres makes you thorough to carry on your daily workout regime in the best possible way. However, if visiting gyms seems a daunting task, or if you are thinking to shed some more calories apart from your daily workout regime, then with the help of this article, we will try to figure out some reliable workouts to burn extra 100 calories, apart from gyming. These workouts are great and can be performed without any sought of restrictions. In fact, these workouts are some of the best ways to burn calories outside the gym, so you can do them at home, while at work, or while travelling.

The activities you choose may vary based on how much time you are available, what you feel your body needs that particular day, the weather, and so on. There are no right or wrong choices here. You just need to achieve your goal and keep moving. The exact number of calories your body will use to do these activities depends on your weight, sex, age, body composition, and more. Therefore, this rate is different for everyone and varies from person to person.

Benefits of Burning Calories

  • Helps to Manage Weight – The most obvious benefit of burning more calories is that it may help you lose weight. One pound of fat equals about 3,500 calories, so performing a 300-calorie exercise routine can help you lose 1 pound about every 12 sessions on your usual weight-maintenance diet or more weight if you eat fewer calories.
  • Builds Strong Heart and Lungs – When you burn calories with cardiovascular exercises such as brisk walking, jogging, rowing, swimming or using an elliptical machine, you help build a stronger heart and lungs. Not only does this result in increased stamina, but it can also improve blood flow as your heart pumps more efficiently, delivering more oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. Cardio exercise may also reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, helping to protect you from heart attack and stroke. People who perform cardio even tend to live longer than sedentary people.
  • Helps to Build Strength – Resistance exercises such as push-ups, squats, Pilates or weightlifting are particularly effective for building muscle tissue. Increased muscle mass boosts strength to make everyday tasks easier, and also reduces your body fat percentage regardless of fat loss, which may help reduce your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Strength-training exercises may also increase balance, strengthen your bones and reduce back pain and osteoarthritis pain.
  • Improved Mental Health – Exercising regularly can improve your psychological health as well. Exercising has been shown to increase endorphins, which help you to feel more positive and happier. Plus, if you lose weight and improve your physique, you will likely feel better about yourself, which promotes an improved self-image. Working out can also reduce stress and improve mental clarity.

Top 10 Exercises to Burn Extra 100 Calories

1.) Climbing Stairs – Climbing Stairs is considered one of the best workouts to burn extra 100 calories. There is almost always a staircase nearby at work, at home, or even in a hotel when you are travelling. Walk the stairs for just ten minutes to burn 100 calories. It is also correlated with a reduction in disease. Climbing stairs will help you to build stronger legs. It will also help to shape the muscles in your lower body.

2.) Stretching and Relaxing – Stretching and Relaxing are considered one of the best workouts to burn extra 100 calories. Performing these workouts has an ample number of benefits for your calorie burn. If you stretch and relax or do an easy yoga workout for 30 minutes, you will burn about 100 calories. However, performing such exercises also helps to increase the range of motion in your joints, and decrease stress, hence improving the quality of your sleep.

3.) Talking while Walking – Walk the talk is simple yet considered one of the best workouts to burn extra 100 calories. When you can, take your phone calls on the go. You can even walk during business calls simply by pacing around your office. Do this during every phone call a day in order to have a 100-calorie burn. Wear a fitness tracker to see how far you can go and also to count your steps.

4.) Standing Up – Making yourself stand up is considered one of the best workouts to burn extra 100 calories. You burn about 10 extra calories for every 10 minutes you stand rather than sitting at the office. And the good news is that you don’t need a standing desk to take advantage of the benefit. Ask co-workers if you can hold meetings at a standing location instead of in the conference room. Better yet, take the meeting on the road and solve workplace problems while you walk. You can also stand more at home, like when watching TV or reading.

5.) Jumping Rope – Jumping Rope is considered one of the best workouts to burn extra 100 calories. You only need to jump for seven minutes to blast away 100 calories. Performing this exercise will allow you to improve coordination and build strength in your lower legs at the same time. Always try to keep a jump rope handy at your house so you can do it in your living room, on your driveway, or in your yard, wherever you have enough space. Keep one in your car so you can jump rope at the park.

6.) Staying Active – Staying active is considered one of the best workouts to burn extra 100 calories. If you are at home with your family or hanging out with friends, have an impromptu dance party. Thirty minutes of casual dancing burns about 165 calories. Playing more active games with kids or grandkids can also burn calories. Try hula hooping, hide-and-seek, or passing a balloon or beach ball without letting it touch the ground.

7.) House Cleaning – Performing house cleaning is considered one of the best workouts to burn extra 100 calories. Believe it or not, housework can be an effective exercise session. Standard housecleaning burns about 100 calories in 30 minutes. Simple tasks like vacuuming and dusting can be modified into exercises that build strength.

8.) Hiking – Hiking is also considered one of the best workouts to burn extra 100 calories. Lace up your hiking boots and head for the hills to burn 100 calories in just 15 minutes. Hiking burns more calories than walking because of the difference in terrain. When you hike up a hill or on unstable trails, your leg muscles have to work harder to move you forward, accompanying your core muscles to keep you stabilized during movement. In such a case more calories are burned without any hassle. If you don’t have a trail nearby, walking briskly for 20 minutes will burn 100 calories too.

9.) Running – Running is considered one of the best workouts to burn extra 100 calories. The simplest way to burn 100 calories fast is to run. And you don’t have to be a marathoner or sprinter to blast away fat from your body. Run one 10-minute mile to burn 100 calories. If you are not ready to run for a full mile, then try to run or walk intervals to build stamina while burning fat.

10.) Stationary Cycling – Stationary Cycling is also considered one of the workouts to burn extra 100 calories. If you have access to a stationary bike, try intervals of high-intensity cycling. As a vigorous cardio workout, stationary bicycling can burn a significant number of calories in 30 minutes.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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