Come February and New Year wellness resolutions are all but forgotten. Keeping this in mind, to help realign their wellness goal, Nimba Nature Cure Village is offering patrons a physical, psychological and spiritual health overhaul, with the help of the power of nature.

Nimba – one of the largest Naturopathy centres in India, located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat – is offering health-conscious individuals the chance to revive the crucial equilibrium of the five basic elements of life: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Ether, and more crucially adhere to their New Year wellness resolution. At Nimba, these elements also known as ‘Panch Mahabhoota’ are treated bringing them back to normalcy, thereby restoring the optimum health of the body.

At the beginning of each year, like a ritual, people pledge to improve their individual wellbeing by setting achievable goals. However, they often end up investing in only one aspect of their well-being, which is fitness.

Though used interchangeably, the two words – fitness and wellness are significantly different. The word fitness is associated with the physical health of an individual, which includes strength, flexibility, and the composition of the body, wherein wellness is a broader concept that includes the integration of emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, physical, environmental, occupational, financial, and cultural health of a person.

The Interconnected Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness is beyond living disease-free and having the desired body type. Holistic wellness demands a lot more than mere physical fitness. Mental health is one of the important aspects of well-being. The ability to reflect on how one feels about life is important; being self-aware of one’s thoughts, actions and their potential consequences makes a significant contribution to the person’s wellness.

Moreover, a single aspect is always interrelated to many others; being physically unwell can affect the mental, emotional and financial well-being as well.

Let Nature Be the Summer Umbrella

At the beginning of every season, a person needs to detox oneself from the residual habits of the previous season. It’s time to get rid of the impurities and remove the toxins accumulated in the body.

Now that the warm months are here, people are relaxed and cheerful, but also unproductive and may get lazy. Offering bright and vivid colors, and blooming flowers, Nimba encourages a person to relish the changing seasons thorough rejuvenating naturopathic and ayurvedic treatments at Nimba.

Moreover, consumed by technology and gadgets, people have lost connectivity with nature. It’s time for a digital detox. RJ Archana of 94.3 MY FM, who recently visited Nimba for a rejuvenation session validated the importance of digital detox, saying, “Our habits decide our future. After visiting Nimba, your one habit will change for sure, which is, to constantly check your phone. Nimba is the perfect place for the digital detox you require.”

Find Wellness With Fitness at Nimba Nature Cure

Known for its ingenious blend of modern science and traditional practices, Nimba caters to the spiritual, psychological, and physical wellbeing of an individual. Using nature as its fundamental ingredient, it heals, cures, and prevents illness and diseases. Focusing on the effective balance of the mind, body, and soul, Nimba revives the optimum health of the body.

About Nimba

Nimba Nature Cure is one of the largest naturopathy and wellness centres in India which can benefit you from distinctive synergisms between modern science, traditional practices and ancient wisdom. Using naturopathy at the core, Nimba offers treatments for different kinds of ailments, be it respiratory, gastrointestinal, muscular skeleton or endocrine problems. With the help of ayurveda, naturopathy, yoga and special therapies, Nimba restores the optimum health of the body


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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