Yuga Sports and Entertainment’s announcement of Pro Roll Ball, India’s fastest league, is indeed exciting. The acquisition of intellectual property rights from the Asian Roll Ball Federation marks a significant milestone for the sport’s development in India.

Roll Ball, an indigenous sport invented by Raju Dabhade in Pune, combines roller skating and handball skills to create a dynamic and exhilarating game. With teams dribbling, passing, and shooting the ball into the opponent’s goal post while on roller skates, Roll Ball is a fast-paced and action-packed sport that tests athleticism and strategy.

The inaugural season of Pro Roll Ball will feature eight teams representing major cities in India, including Pune, Mumbai, Goa, Kerala, Bangalore, Gujarat, Delhi, and Chennai. Each team will consist of ten players, including three international players as a mandatory inclusion. The player selection process will be conducted through an exciting auction, where teams will bid for their preferred athletes. The base player price has been set at INR 1.5 Lakhs, ensuring fairness and competitiveness.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Siddharth Mehta, Founder and CEO of Yuga Sports and Entertainment, Pro Roll Ball said, “I am thrilled to introduce Pro Roll Ball, India’s fastest league, and embark on this exciting journey of revolutionizing the sport. With our 5 year partnership with the Asian Roll Ball Federation and a lineup of top-tier teams and players, we are set to redefine the game and offer an unparalleled experience to fans across the nation and the world. Pro Roll Ball is not just a league; it’s a celebration of athleticism, innovation, and environmental consciousness. We look forward to witnessing the electrifying matches and the positive impact we will make together.”

Furthermore, we think that Pro Roll Ball has the potential to become one of the top three leagues to be played in the country. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, combined with the passion and talent of the participating teams, will elevate the stature of the league to new heights. Pro Roll Ball will showcase the pinnacle of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship, captivating fans and creating an unforgettable experience that will leave an indelible mark on the sporting landscape of India,” added Mr. Siddharth Mehta.

In a commendable effort to promote environmental sustainability, Pro Roll Ball has pledged to plant 1000 trees for every goal scored during the league. This unique initiative aims to make a positive impact on the environment and raise awareness about conservation.

Fans will be able to enjoy the league’s matches through live television broadcasts and various OTT platforms, providing an immersive experience from the comfort of their homes. The league has implemented rule changes to make the game faster, more aggressive, and visually captivating, enhancing the overall spectator experience.

We are incredibly excited to introduce Pro Roll Ball, the first-ever national league dedicated to this exhilarating sport,” said Mr. Chetan Bhandwalkar, Secretary RBFI. “Our goal is to showcase the immense talent and athleticism of Roll Ball players while providing an enthralling experience for fans across the country.”

The proposed game format will follow an all-play-all structure, ensuring that every team competes against each other. Matches are expected to last 45 minutes each, with a break in between, resulting in two thrilling games daily.

The player auction process will be divided into three categories: A, B, and International Players. Category A includes players who have represented India in international tournaments or have participated in consecutive national tournaments within the last five years. Category B consists of players who have participated in consecutive national tournaments within the same timeframe. The base prices for these categories are set at INR 1.5 Lakhs and INR 1 Lakh, respectively. Each team will also have three international players who have represented their respective countries in international tournaments within the last five years.

Leading up to the inaugural season, Pro Roll Ball has planned several engaging events. These include franchisee declaration and player auction in July, the launch of the league’s official anthem, the unveiling of team jerseys, and the involvement of celebrities associated with each team in August. In October, camps will be conducted to train referees and the crew for seamless execution during the matches. Finally, in November, Season 1 of Pro Roll Ball, featuring 18 days of intense competition, will commence.

The 5-year partnership between the Asian Roll Ball Federation and Yuga Sports and Entertainment further demonstrates their commitment to the growth and development of this exhilarating sport in India.


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