Spectacular abs are the most in-demand thing amongst youth peer groups and of course among your crushes.

Having six-pack abs or four-pack abs not only distinguishes you in your class/circle but also help you get brownie points in the eyes of girls looking for really tough and fit guys. Whether it is sports or any extracurricular activities, teachers usually get incline to the ones who are lean and toned with spectacular abs.

Top 5 Myths About Six-Pack AbsWell, that can be societal advantages; however, in terms of biological grounds, S/He might have more advantages like having stronger cores!! And a strong core means, S/he will be able to do all sorts of works without hunching back. And above all, a strong core also promises you better performance on the bed. Owing to all these perks, people want to get in shape and try different jacks to have six-pack abs. These things might be side-effects of some prominent myths, which are still in circulation across several groups.

Discussing the same myths in this article, we have enlisted top 5 myths that are associated with six-pack abs and people are blindly following some of the weird ways to get one:

Myth 1: You can flatten your belly fat by running

It can be a terrible fact for someone who loves running a lot or loves to spend hours on treadmills triggering a long queue of persons waiting for their turn in the gym. Excess of running causes your body to produce cortisol which is, in fact, a stress hormone that suppresses levels of growth hormone and sex hormone. It lessens glucose usage and increases blood levels potentially predisposing to diabetes and its effects on calcium can increase osteoporosis. Quite scientific, no, it’s not the case? 

Well, in layman language have you seen a muscular marathon runner, the apparent answer would be no! As the more, you run the higher your muscle growth suppresses, and your overall goals of getting a six abs will be doomed for sure.

An alternative thing to do:

Instead of running for 1 hour or two on treadmills, you better spend just 20 minutes of sprinting or jumping ropes, that in fact will do more than what you can do in 10 miles of the run.

Myth 2: Crunches are an effective way to get tone 

Doing crunches for a longer period of time is a worthless attempt to get a flat stomach. In fact, crunches engage just a small percentage of your stomach and put a whole lot of strain over your lower back and hip flexor.

The alternative thing they can do:

Instead of engaging your back, you should focus on doing full-body exercise concentrating on your core strength. Planks are a great way to reduce abdominal fat without any serious harm to your lower back!! It can also give you strong and perfect posture in doing a whole lot of works.

Myth 3: Abs are made in the Gyms

By going gym you can attain 30% of your spectacular abs goals however, the major part falls on your side i.e. how you are going to shape it.

Whatever you plan to do in the gym like say losing weight, bilking your mass, getting a lean muscle or whatever, and diet is one absolute solution for all those things.

You need to spend more time over your diet rather than toning your muscles. As it said, Abs are made in the kitchen.

Myth 4: Carbs are not good for six-packs

Carbohydrates are the essential nutrition that your body uses it top fuel up your muscles. So it is wrong to say that carbs can destroy your abs and are not good for your abs. In fact, a low carb diet can keep you deprived of the ability to replenish your muscle, glycogen, and subsequently making it a tough job for the body to build and maintain muscle. Despite so much brownie points in favor of carbs, one should avoid taking fast-digesting carbs including white bread, sports drinks, and potatoes. You should get your carbs from food sources like fruits, veggies, legumes, brown rice, whole-grain pasta, beans, and oatmeal.

Myth 5: Supplements will replenish my abs shortcomings 

If supplements would have a magical power to vanish body fat and get you six-pack abs then everybody across the world would be taking one pill every day across the world. But sadly there are no shortcuts for getting abs with the assistance of supplements. Things like caffeine and green tea can cleanse your body but they can’t assure you fat cutting promises on a longer run. Another way around it’s your diet and rigorous training regime that can assure you a Greek god-like six packs!!


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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