In general, people consider the fact that health is inversely proportional to the biological age of a man. The more we step ahead with birthdays in life the lesser we get loose our grip over fitness. Despite the fact which probably can be tagged to those naysayers who have meager or little will power to bring essential changes to their lives.

Our biological age can be considered as just a number and you can hone over this with following some self-disciplinary acts.

In this article, we have helped you focus on such things that can keep you evergreen and fit perennially across your lifespan.

Eat Right?

There is a universal saying, you are what you eat! Well, eating right is the most important thing one should consider before anything else. The process of eating right helps you to maintain

Healthy body weight and delivers you all the required essential vitamins and nutrients strengthening your immune system altogether.

On the contrary, if you start having some wrong kinds of bad diet including junk food, sugary food items, and extra fried food, it can lead to unhealthy effects like weight gain and chronic inflammation.

Try to focus on having whole food like whole-wheat bread, lots of green vegetables, good sources of carbs, and of course drinking a lot of water, rehydrating you.

Get Sound Sleep 

The problem can be the burning issue at the contemporary period of lockdown when people are quite an anxiety and concern for a lot of many things. The ever-rising anxiety and never-ending social media feed uploading have made us somewhat insomniac. Not getting proper might sound quite easy to get over with, but believe it the night long vigilance has a quite vicious effect over your body for a longer run.

If you want to stay sharp and stay active across your lifetime, you really need to check your sleeping time. As a matter of fact, a night of sound sleep helps you to repair your ruptured tissues and regain the same energy lost throughout the day.

To have a sound sleep, you need to make sure to follow these steps:-

  • Keep your bed neat and clean
  • Your bedroom should be dark
  • It should be quiet and cool
  • Stop using your gadgets like laptop, mobile one hour before sleeping
  • As you spend 1/3 of your life on a bed, make sure to use a high-quality mattress

Ease yourself every day

As we are living in a progressive world, where everybody wants to one step ahead of others, let it be media, technology, medical, or sports. This continuous progression of life has some side effects besides some temporary achievements and success. An acute atmosphere of competition and progressiveness has led us to a stressful lifestyle, where everything is counted over your self-worth.

In other words, the more you achieve, the higher you will be respected!!

Amid all this hullaballoo, one thing that everybody undermines is the height of stress that we create around oneself. Stress and anxiety can be counted as the slow poison that can sabotage your late 50s and 60s, if not checked within time.

Stress puts a lot of strain on our autonomic nervous system, and raises our cortisol basically a stress hormone, and triggers some ill effect to our mind.

Now, in order to hone over such a situation, you need to take 15 minutes of your daily schedule and compress yourself. Turn off your phone, close your computer, put in some earplugs or headphones, close your eyes, and focus on breathing from your belly.

Be a warrior

Don’t overthink any think try to keep your positive vibes. Every day you need to meditate and try to bring a smooth connection between your mind and soul.

Several negative things are happening around us and we need to stand steadfast against all these odds. You don’t need to react to every anti-government or pro-government post on social media. Be calm and try to focus on your goals without ant hindrance.

Start moving 

As we age, we stop moving and our physical mobility declines drastically, the phenomenon can lead us to an increased risk of obesity or acute risk of injuries.

To avoid any immobility, no matter what your age- is you need to take some time to move your body. Before starting your daily workout, try to do a dynamic workout so that it can open your body and move properly. And lastly, on your day-offs, don’t just sit on your couch and watch movies, in fact, you can move your body and get some beautiful live scenery across your town.

Best wishes for the rest of life, and don’t forget we age gracefully.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


A Journalist who has been working for B2B segment for almost half a decade. He has developed a knack of writing deliberate reports on indigenous market leaders across different sectors like health, fitness and sports goods manufacturing. He developed a discrete interest in covering business reports including business events, expos, and trade fairs.

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