Gagan Sachdev who firmly believes, ‘no individual can survive without fitness’, explains that amid such sedentary lifestyle where every person not just skips daily exercise but also practices some mal-practices of over-eating as well as having less-nutrient junk food which subsequently is making people more obese and unhealthy and unfit.

He highlighted unlike the earlier time when people can live life up to 60-70 years without being suffered from any major ailment now even a 40-year-old person is diagnosed with cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

“Our food lacks natural ingredients and that’s why there is a need of some extra inputs to our body, so that it can achieve desired goals of body fitness” He commented. Throwing light on the most ambiguous market of body supplements, Sachdev states,’’80 percent of the available body health supplements are good, as their natural ingredients like whey protein, Branched Amino Acid, Vitamin A, B, C, D and Omega 3 and 6 are quite helpful in attaining fitness goals despite the fact that they should be purchased from some reputed brands.”

He added more,” yes if someone goes out of the way, takes stuff like Steroids or other non-established stuff or does not pursue good qualitative brand product, then there will be bad repercussion,”.

Suggesting some genuine body supplements brands which are a good source of all those above-mentioned natural ingredients, Sachdev states,” Muscle Tech, ISO Pure, Dymatize ISO 100 and Optimum Nutrition are the ones on which one can rely,”.

Talking about his take over fitness, he said, we have organized ‘Fitexpo’ last year at Kolkata based Science City Exhibition hall which turned out to be a major event with much successes getting a tremendous response. However, devoid of adequate funds and not prepared venue, this year we could not manage to organise the same”. While commenting on the PM Modi’s initiative centric to promote Sports at the grassroots level, Khelo India, Gagan Sachdev said ,” the initiative is quite good, but there is a need of smooth implementation across the country. There should be an equal distribution of purchase and equal distribution of equipment all over India”.

Having much concern for the eastern states like West Bengal and other allied north-eastern states, Sachdev considers the policymakers should not just concentrate on the major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, as there are a lot many talents present in the eastern and northeast Indian states.

Being from west-Bengal, he states that,’’ the outcome of the programmes enlisted Under Khelo India is not reaching optimally especially to our home state of West-Bengal, the situation in here (west-Bengal) is not up to marks”.

Appearing not pleased with the contemporary government’s effort to bolster sports across the country, Sachdev highlighted a question as to who are those athletes who bring medals to the country at international sports tournaments. According to Sachdev, there is a need to focus on these athletes coming from the eastern and north-east region of India, as they have much potential to bag gold and silver medal at Olympics and other internationally played sports tournaments. As there is no adequate budget, the state government fails to implements smoothly such initiative standing sand alone. Talking about the present infrastructure, Sachdev thinks with such a miserable state of sports infrastructure in this eastern part of India, top performing players can’t be produced. While concluding the talk, Sachdev acknowledges about his diversification plans of future and said,” we have 4 outlets in Kolkata and one in Bhubaneswar, and in future, we want to add more outlets in Bhubaneswar and cities like Siliguri, Chhattisgarh based Raipur, we aspire to add one store every coming year,”

At present, Bodyline fitness has around 120 employees working in their half a dozen stores located in the eastern states of India.


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