Kickboxing a new aspect that comes in combat sport has been very prominent among the masses. The name kickboxing has been derived from the fact, that in this sport you kick your opponent and punch like in boxing. The main objective in kickboxing is to fight competitively with an opponent in a boxing ring with a certain set of rules, yet over the years kickboxing has formed many training classes like cardio kickboxing, non-contact kickboxing and kickboxing conditioning so it can even cater for people not looking to fight. With the help of this article, we will try to figure out some of the proven health benefits of kickboxing that it has as far as our health is concerned.

What is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is a relatively new full-contact sport and martial art that draws its inspiration from several other martial arts. With the advent of kickboxing as a modern sport in the 1970s, various other striking techniques were combined and integrated into a more recognizable, mainly by staging matches in a boxing ring.

The modern sport of kickboxing, which has gained popularity all over the world, is partly influenced by Japanese karate, Muay Thai, western boxing, the French kicking technique of Savate, and Korean Taekwondo. Kickboxing strongholds its fame in America and Japan.

Although MMA, known as Mixed Martial Arts has partly superseded kickboxing in modern times, it is still widely practised everywhere. Kickboxing has many separate regulating organizations, as well as international and national groups, in contrast to some other sports. However, barring a few minor variations, the full contact kickboxing regulations are constant regardless of association.

Is Kickboxing Better Than Other Sports?

Many debates say that kickboxing is really better than other sports, but as far as health is concerned, it is perhaps the best workout, with the most drastic effect on your health and fitness. Besides all other aerobic exercises that we adhere to for our fitness, kickboxing, offers you a real full contact, physical battle. Such type of exposure not only going to sharpen your muscle groups but sharpen your mind and your social skills as well.

Health Benefits of Kickboxing

1.) Regulates Mood – Regulating mood is one of the health benefits of kickboxing. When the weight of our stress becomes overwhelming, our mind needs to release mental pressure through physical action. This would provide temporary relief and increase the production of endorphins. That’s why punching and kicking a heavy bag feels good. It allows you to channel your vent through strikes plus reshape chemical imbalances. Regular training in kickboxing will help relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.

2.) Stress Buster – Busting stress is one of the health benefits of kickboxing. Kickboxing is an excellent stress buster because studies say that regular exercise such as kickboxing training can build resiliency to stress. Similar to how exercise can regulate your mood, it can help with stress reduction through endorphin production. The intense level of cardiovascular demand that is necessary for kickboxing has been shown to release these feel-good chemicals, effectively reducing feelings of stress.

3.) Memory Focus and Sharpness – Improved memory and sharpness are one of the health benefits of kickboxing. Kickboxing techniques require balance and coordination. These types of movements have been shown to improve brain functioning and cognitive functioning. Balance training such as that required to stand on one leg and kick, knee, or spin, leads to memory and spatial awareness improvements.

4.) Improves Upper Body Strength – Having an improved upper body strength is one of the health benefits of kickboxing. Kickboxing can target many muscles, though it partially depends on what style of kickboxing you are doing. Cardio kickboxing is more cardio-intensive and focuses on your abs. Regular kickboxing is a martial art and can target muscles all over your body. Most commonly, kickboxing targets upper body strength, thus improving aerobic power, anaerobic fitness, flexibility, speed, and agility.

5.) Helps to Tone Your Body – Toning your body is one of the health benefits of kickboxing. The different kicks, jumps and punches keep all of your different muscles engaged. Most kickboxing movements require a lot of strength and core power to be done correctly. These are the type of movements that will help you tone your body and trim your waist.

6.) Improves Coordination – Having improved coordination is one of the health benefits of kickboxing. It helps to strengthen your core and improve your reflexes, which will make your coordination better. Most moves involve several body parts i.e. kick, move, punch, kick again and with time you will be able to learn new movement sequences faster because your coordination will constantly improve.

7.) Improves Posture – Having a good posture is one of the health benefits of kickboxing. Kickboxing is a great break from sitting in your office all day, typing into your computer or staring at your phone. It will help with your posture because you have to use your core and be precise to perform most of the movements. An improved posture will evade any possible pain that occurs due to having a sedentary lifestyle.

8.) Increases Flexibility – Having increased flexibility and balance is one of the health benefits of kickboxing. Performing kickboxing will help you to increase flexibility and, in the long run, it will help you prevent injuries because the more flexible you are the lower the chances of getting hurt.

However, with the numerous benefits enlisted above, we would like to update you with the relevant equipment required in kickboxing, that you should consider before opting for this incredible sport.

  • Boxing ring – A boxing ring is nearly often the setting for kickboxing matches. The precise size may change based on the various associations and campaigns.
  • Gloves – Kickboxers use boxing gloves that are required by law and are allowed to be any colour. Kickboxers wear hand wraps below their gloves to maintain the shape of their fist and guard against knuckle and wrist injuries.
  • Footpads – Since kickboxing uses the feet as a weapon for hitting, the feet are protected with pads. This is a key distinction between kickboxing and Thai boxing, a near relative in which boxers do not wear foot padding (and are also allowed to strike with the knee and elbow).
  • Guards – Additionally, mouth guards and pelvic guards are also worn by all kickboxers.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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