Paryushan is a Jain festival celebrated generally by performing various religious rituals and at the same time observing some fasts paired with the elimination of some food groups like fruits and vegetables. Today we will talk about how and what diet should be followed in Paryushan so that you can be healthy and hearty and follow it as religiously as required without any side effects and gaining or losing weight unnecessarily or having any adverse health issues.

As we have already mentioned different types of fasts are observed during Paryushan along with food restrictions like fruits and veggies being eliminated and consumption of pulses, nuts, grains, milk and milk products being done. People normally eat only once a day; some people only have warm water for almost 3-8days.

This fibre-restrictive, protein-rich diet can sometimes lead to constipation and other gastric issues. Water if consumed in proper quantity can be of great help. While trying to incorporate a well-balanced meal, fibre-rich foods like daliya, oats, quinoa and jowar should be included as much as possible. Also avoiding fried, preserved, sweet and savoury items is strongly advised during this Paryushan fasting to keep your system healthy and light on the stomach.

Fermented foods, light dals like moong dal and arhar dal should be preferred in place of heavy beans and legumes which can cause indigestion and acidity. Substitutes for green veggies like dried peas dries guar beans etc. should be consumed for proper nourishment. Sleep also plays a major role in keeping your gut health and digestive system in place. Make sure that you take a sound sleep of a minimum of 7-8 hours. Fermented foods fulfil the B-12 requirement of the body.

According to Dietitian Rajat Jain, during Paryushan fasting if these eating precautions are observed, fasting can be much easier and healthier. There are various tips that we suggest post fasting also. It is very important that after you finish the Paryushan fasts, introduce lighter foods first. In fact, for the first few days, semi-solid foods should be consumed. Once the stomach gets settled with this, then slowly you can introduce other solid foods one by one. Try incorporating foods which are lighter on the stomach like khichdi, boiled dal, and vegetable soup. Spicy, sour, and thick gravy foods should be avoided in the beginning. Also, it is suggested to take proper rest and let the body recover from the fasting mode. Strenuous exercises should not be done, rather a light walk after the meals will help improve digestion and make u feel lighter and energetic. Also, try consuming homemade fresh meals as much as possible.

While the Paryushan diet is high on proteins and quite satiating and may bring some weight loss but it can decrease your immunity, and may cause acidity and gastric issues if not practised in the right way.

What we suggest is that by following the precautions mentioned here, you can enjoy this festival along with all rituals and fasts without any side effects.

All you have to do is mindful eating in the right way and you will see the difference yourself.

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mental healthDietitian Rajat Jain is the Founder & Director of Health Wealth Diet Clinic, the leading nutrition and weight loss clinic in North West India as recommended by numerous fitness platforms. Dr Rajat is a weight loss expert, clinical & sports nutritionist and certified diabetes & wellness educator. He is one of the most trusted and award-winning dietitians in North-West India.

With his experience of more than 5+ years including working with reputed hospitals and fitness centres, Rajat has positively influenced the health of over 7000+ people from different walks of life. Rajat enjoys his distinctiveness of being affiliated with various fitness centres and gyms across West India where he works with the members as a nutrition and diet consultant and engages with their workout and performance on the floor, which offers him a deep understanding of his client’s unique level of nutritional response towards their body.

Dt. Rajat Jain has been awarded 5 times in a row as the ‘Best Dietitian in Rajasthan’ and ranked among the ‘Top 10 Most Promising Dietitians in India’. Among various associations, he also works with the Rajasthan Police Academy and Rajasthan Royals Colts & Sparks as their official and consulting sports nutritionist.


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