India is a land of authentic cuisines and its local recipes are the ones that will certainly mesmerize everyone, no matter whether the person is a foreigner or an Indian. With widespread dishes altogether, India witnesses its diverse vibrant culture in the form of its dishes. Having various communities in this wonderful sub-continent, the healthy foods in India have a unique distinct essence, that teases an individual’s taste buds in the best possible way.

The authenticity of the healthy foods in India are well known due to the presence of turmeric in them. This powerful ingredient turmeric has wholesome benefits and adds a healthy boost to the recipes that are cooked here. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, and being a super potent ingredient across all the Indian recipes, turmeric is touted as a healing agent right from inflammation and pain. Apart from being a regular cooking ingredient, turmeric has numerous health benefits, which certainly allows us to prevent various health problems.

Top 5 Must-Have Foods To Try In India

As a foreigner, healthy foods in India are an amalgamation of its diverse culture and its vivid varieties of recipes witnesses that diversity in nutshell. However, dishes do vary from region to region or state to state, but every dish has a unique story to tell and a unique way to tease your taste. Mentioned below are some of the relevant healthy foods in India that an Australian must try while visiting India.

1.) Chaat – When it comes to evening snacks, Chaat is as famous as anything else. Being one of the most vibrant healthy foods in India, Chaat has made its presence in every corner of this diverse sub-continent. However, being famous as one of the Indian street foods, chaat has been a relishing dish that everyone looks for its evening craving. The preparation of chaat is different from region to region in India, well the most traditional way consists of boiled potatoes, chickpeas, fried slices of bread, yoghurt, coriander, and ginger including tamarind sauce for the sweet taste. This particular dish is widely available both in local street vendors as well as in restaurants.

2). Samosa – This triangular shape snack has been for ages and has now been an ethnic part of India’s cuisine. Being one of the righteous healthy foods in India, samosa or sambusa, has been derived from the middle east origin and has created a smart benchmark in the snacking portfolio. Boiled potatoes and green peas are the usual suspects that involve in its preparations. Samosas are generally vegan and fried, and offer a crispy taste. This particular dish is widely available both in local street vendors as well as in restaurants.

3.) Dosa – Dosa is one of southern India’s culinary inventions. Being one of the ready-to-eat healthy foods in India, dosa has a unique space for all generations and people. No matter where you belong, a plate of dosa is certainly ample enough to fulfil your appetite. This particular food is made from rice and flour batter and lentils. Being one of the quickest forms of the recipe, its stuffing consists of stuffed potatoes, in a form of a masala. Accompanied by sambar, which is a form of dal, dosa is quite relishing and is ideal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

4.) Dal Makhani – The most prominent and famous from the northern part of India is what is known as Dal makhani. Apart from all the healthy foods in India, dal makhani has gathered the highest attention during every dining. Black lentils or dal is one of the key ingredients behind this recipe. The soup-like thickness texture makes this recipe one of the reserved contenders during various events in India and also in marriages. Hailed from the northern part of India, Punjab, Dal makhani’s rich and creamy taste is certainly irresistible for any foreign visitor.

5.) Dhokla – The name and existence of this food are all way generated from the northwest part of India i.e. Gujarat. Being one of the prominent Gujarati healthy foods in India, dhokla has its relevance as far as snacking is concerned. Ideal for all types of evening cravings, dhokla is considered a favourite dish for every food lover. The recipe is prepared with rice and chickpeas and has a unique influence on snacking purposes.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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