Does your gym not having much footfall despite installing state of the art equipment and recruiting best in class trainers? Then there are few marketing ideas that you can incorporate to your gym facility helping to grow gathering in your centres.

By following simple marketing ideas, you can, in fact, market your gym facility in a much patterned way, for that all you need is to follow our series of articles that we have been bringing since our January edition. Just to stay ahead of this saturated market of gyms mushrooming each and every corner of our cities, follow our series of updates over ‘Effective ways to market your gym facility’ and see how good things can roll over.

As each gym or club is quite distinct, so depending upon your requisites, you can choose appropriate ones and you can ignore which you don’t find feasible to attain.

So here are a few ideas with which you can market your gym membership and increase your gym members:

1. Present your gym as the coolest gym in the region

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By blending ‘law of attraction’ to your brand, you can show yourself as the coolest gyms in the region. Advertise a unique logo along with eye-catchy signage so that you can grab some eye-balls of the public.

In order to avoid confusion and copyright issue, try to use unique font and color scheme while designing your social media pages as well as outdoor signage.

Several international brands have been doing so and yes by following this simple marketing trick you can also be as famous as them.

2. Hire someone who can be your gym’s face


A proven way to market your gym is to hire someone who can really stand as your brand image, the ones who can take care of your clients as well bring in more clients.

Yes, apparently trainers are the ones who can transform your probable visitors to confirmed members, all they need to show their class and the kind of knowledge they have on the floor. Points to be taken care while hiring trainers:

  • Someone who is trained in various lifting, stretching and recovery hacks
  • A strong build that proves that they themselves can lift heavy
  • He or she should be social and should handle the varied grievances of coming clients

3. Make use of an online scheduling service for a hassle free appointments

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In this digital world people love to do everything let’s say shopping, ordering food, dating and others on digital platforms. These tech savvy people are known as Netizens and they find everything through internet. Well, in that case it will be great for you people (gym owners) to create online scheduling services so that they can easily book an appointment for a free trial or a demo class.

Making use of an at-your-finger-tips scheduling software, these netizen can not only book a class but also feed their basic information which again serve as a great asset to snowball some soft marketing calls.  Having an online scheduling service can make your gym to look high-tech and cutting edge.

4. Provide Free Nutritional Planning or a Meal Plan


Being an owner of a gym or associated to a gym in anyway, you understand the gravity of diet and nutrition. Well, how about bringing the same knowledge in your marketing strategies!! As newcomers join a gym, the biggest challenge by which they go through is to follow as strict diet.

You can use this impulse to market your gyms:

  1. Try to attract new gym-goers by offering them a meal plan with personal trainer. As most of the people don’t know what to follow and what not to follow, it will be great move by the gym for such fitness newbies.
  2. Upgrade your gym membership by offering a free personalized meal plan. With this you can create a personal touch with them by working on their weight gain and weight loss.

So these were a few marketing tools that you can incorporate to market your gym in your locality and city. Workout Hard and Flip Your Success Card!


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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