Burpees are a form of cardio exercise that work on the whole body. This exercise pushes the heart rate up within a short span of time. It would be a fantastic opportunity for a person to add burpees to their regular cardio workouts. Individuals can work on their power, stamina and their ability to stay brisk at all times. It has become a popular exercise among several fitness enthusiasts who have made it a part of their routine. In short, burpees are helping build strength as well as help to burn calories in individuals.

By performing burpees, the hearts and lungs of individuals are made to work hard enough within a shorter time period. Burpee exercise involves a push up which is subsequently followed by a jump in the air. Although, performing burpees in quick succession can wear out a person, it helps individuals to burn more calories and improves their cardio fitness. It is also known to speed up the body’s metabolism. Further, this exercise helps in building an individual’s strength as well as durability.

Burpees can be performed in the following manner:

 Get onto a standing position and bend your knees to squatting position.

  1. Keep the hands placed flat on the ground right in front of you.
  2. Jump your legs right behind you and keep them in that position.
  3. Now, by staying in this push up position, bring your chest on to the ground.
  4. Jump your feet back to come back to squatting position once again.
  5. You can now stand back up.
  6. Continue to do the same repetitively for about 7-8 times before pausing and again start doing another set.

Who Can Start Performing Burpee Workouts?

This exercise is open for all adults and is also encouraged among adults to practice doing burpee workouts on a daily basis. However, it is necessary for such individuals to remain fit physically to perform such workouts. Additionally, it is important for individuals to have proper fitness while performing these workouts, as it is a tough workout.

Benefits Of Burpees 

  1. Burns A Lot Of Calories

Burpees can help burn huge amounts of calories. Since the body has to provide adequate amount of energy to the muscles at the time of performing these exercises, this helps to burn enough number of calories. Being a full body exercise, it would be able to burn more amount of fat in individuals as compared to average exercising.

  1. Provides Full Strength For The Body

Burpee is a strength training exercise that covers the whole body. In these exercises, there is a full body movement in which an individual is to get to the ground and get himself back up. While performing this exercise, individuals would be able to work on their core muscles, arms, abs, glutes, quads, hamstrings and chest. Burpee is effective enough to target almost every core muscle. A burpee normally includes about four or five steps. With every step, there would be a different body movement involving several groups of muscles. This provides strength to individuals by helping them perform their daily activities better.

  1.  Requires Lesser Time Period

Burpees can be an effective workout for those who cannot spare enough time for workouts. Since it can help individuals save a lot of time, this exercise can be taken up as a part of their daily routine. Moreover, since almost every muscle in the body gets worked up in the process, burpees are considered as an excellent time saving workout that can produce good results for individuals.

  1. They Require No Equipment

There is no need for any equipment to be used while performing these workouts. Hence, individuals need not have to worry about the requirement to invest any extra money towards this workout.

  5.  You Can Perform These Workouts From Any Place

This exercise can be performed at virtually any place of an individual’s choice. The space required is also very less for such workouts. This can encourage individuals to go for workout without providing any lame excuses.

  1. Improves Cardio Fitness

As and when individuals perform burpees, their heart would beat in a much more rapid and hard way in order to ensure supply of blood to their muscles. Burpee is considered as a part of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) regimen. In the case of a HIIT workout, individuals would be required to perform short bursts of intense exercise after which there would be some relaxation for a shorter time period. The heart gets strengthened over a period of time, owing to regular performance of exercise such as burpees. In addition to effectively burning fat, burpees can provide many cardio benefits that include lowering the risk of heart disease and other benefits such as improvement of blood flow and lowering of blood pressure. Besides, it can also help in improving cholesterol levels in individuals.

  1. Cross Training For Other Sports Activities

In the case of athletes who engage themselves in other sports activities, burpees help such athletes to cross train for such sports activities. These exercises increase the stamina as well as make individuals agile, which can help them well in their day to day activities as well as any sports activities undertaken by them. The various movements such as planking, jumping and squatting are also a part of burpee exercises. While performing plank exercises, the core muscles are strengthened. In order to protect the back from any injury, the core muscles play a major role. Lastly, when individuals perform burpees, they have to move swiftly as well as jump in the process. Whether it is athletes or those engaged in sports that involve jumping such as a basketball player or volleyball player, this training would prove to be highly useful for such sports players.

Burpees exercises comprise of various forms. Some of them are burpee push up, crossfit burpee, box-jump burpee, dumbbell burpee, muscle-up burpee, one-armed burpee. Apart from these, there are many other forms of these exercises that can be practiced by individuals. It would be ideal for those individuals who are interested to perform these workouts to consult with a fitness trainer and seek his help in obtaining proper and sufficient training for practicing this workout correctly.

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