Zillion, a leading health-behavior modification company, today announced the general availability of its newest version of the Zillion Platform, a cloud-based, scalable, and fully configurable SaaS solution that powers health and wellness programs, helping more people live happier healthier lives. From diabetes prevention and weight loss to mental health support and more, Zillion’s comprehensive delivery platform brings to life new health and wellness programs of all shapes and sizes.

Digital health programs are a mainstay that today’s consumers understand and expect. But building and managing proprietary programs and applications in-house is no simple feat, requiring valuable time, capital, and expertise. The Zillion Platform helps organizations accelerate time to market, setting up their wellness programs in 60 days or less, and providing the tools they need to help manage and scale programs over time.

Behavior modification through digital engagement is the cornerstone of the Zillion Platform. Powered by intelligent and integrated analytics, the platform delivers the right nudge at the right time to reinforce positive behaviors and assist individuals in forming healthier lifestyles. Features include an intuitive mobile app interface, and insights dashboard to help human coaches facilitate effective personal interactions, and an extensive library of ready-made content, along with smart device integration and the ability to create in-app communities.

“The digital health industry is ripe for innovation, but it’s an incredibly crowded space and one that is constantly evolving. To make their mark, organizations must be able to rapidly develop their offerings and bring them to market as quickly as possible,” said Cheryl Morrison Deutsch, Zillion President, and CEO. “This is the competitive advantage that they can capture with Zillion.”

Morrison Deutsch continued, “The Zillion Platform experience is grounded in behavioral science, prioritizing the small, gradual, and highly personalized lifestyle adjustments that sustain motivation and lead to larger, permanent health changes. With more than 20 years of experience delivering live coaching and engagement programs, and with over 100 million data points and counting, we understand what drives user engagement and what it takes to help members stick with their health and wellness programs for the long haul.”

The Zillion Platform is highly customizable, meeting programs where they are to accelerate their growth. From branded turn-key deployments to hybrid and fully configured deployments, customers can augment their programs with some or all of Zillion’s offerings, including its coaches and content. Zillion also provides ongoing program consulting, coaching and engagement expertise, marketing support, and customer and member support.

Today, thousands of members across multiple programs powered by Zillion are experiencing healthier lives. Zillion has delivered programs for Fortune 500 companies that include national health care payers, large health care providers, and US enterprises with a global footprint.

About Zillion

Zillion is a leading health-behavior modification company, offering solutions that blend technology, people, and content to deliver impactful programs targeting the most pervasive chronic health conditions. Zillion’s delivery model is focused on supporting individual choice and preference to nudge users toward long-lasting, healthy habits and real behavior change. Since its commercial launch in 2014, Zillion has collected more than 100 million data points to identify choice patterns that influence and manage high-risk factors for better outcomes, higher quality of care, and lower costs. In addition to offering its platform as a Software as a Service (SaaS), Zillion delivers proprietary wellbeing programs RestoreHealth and RestoreResilience. These solutions address the full spectrum of care issues, including chronic and non-communicable conditions.


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