When it comes to warm-up, we tend to skip it as we are not aware of the benefits that it has. Performing a warm-up exercise before badminton will not only keep injuries away but will also help you to take sudden moments easily and flawlessly without any discomfort. Before starting any sports or exercises, it is highly recommended that an individual should perform warm up strictly to evade any possible injuries.

In order to play badminton, it is very important to first get ready with good badminton warming-up exercises. A proper warm-up has an array of benefits catering to: –

  • Prevent injury
  • Stretch muscles & joints
  • Increase heart rate & flexibility
  • Improve your performance & readiness

With the help of this article, we will try to figure out some of the most performed warm-up exercises before badminton. The warm-up exercises have been defined in stages and they should be done as it is. However, we recommend that you should consult your coach or a sports physiotherapist to have a better understanding of the warm-up exercises required for yourself.

Guidelines for Warm-Up Exercises Before Badminton

The RAMP guideline divides the warm-up exercises for badminton into four phases, each one increasing the intensity and specificity of the exercises and getting you closer to being ready to play.

  • Raise – The first step of the warm-up exercises for badminton is to raise the body temperature and the heart rate. This starts to activate the body and will prevent strains on the muscles. This phase should include only low-intensity exercises that slowly increase in intensity as body temperature also increases. To make your body raise you can simply jog around the court or courts for a few minutes.
  • Activate – After you have warmed up your body, it is time to get a bit more specific and start to activate the muscles that you would be using while playing badminton. As badminton is a sport that uses both the upper and the lower body, you need to activate both parts in this stage. Remember that you are still activating your muscles so the exercises below should be done slowly and without too much range. Just keep it easy and slowly move up on the intensity, speed, and range.
  • Mobilize – Once your body temperature and your heart rate have been raised and your main muscles have been activated, it is time to mobilize the key areas of your body. Here, you start with more specific dynamic flexibility work. The important item to remember is to start slow and steadily increase the motion range and, afterwards, the speed. At this stage, you will target even more the key muscles that are used while playing badminton.
  • Potentiate – In this final phase of the warm-up exercises before badminton, your aim should be to potentiate the body. After finishing this final phase, the body should have reached the same intensity that will be required for the first point of the match or the first training exercise. In this phase, you will aim for high-intensity movements, including explosive jumps. Moreover, you will include the racket to start getting a feeling of the shuttle before starting to play.

Best Warm-Up Exercises Before Badminton

1.) Walking lunges – Walking lunges is one of the best warm-up exercises before badminton, which helps to start activating your lower body. Performing walking lunges helps to increase your range of motion by helping to increase flexibility, and loosen up your hips and hamstrings. This can help improve posture and balance, which can be beneficial to athletes, casual exercisers, and fitness novices alike.

2.) Wrist Rolls – Wrist rolls are one of the best warm-up exercises before badminton. Badminton involves numerous manoeuvres that require the use of your wrists. So, before you start playing, be sure to warm up and stretch out your wrists. This exercise acts as both a warm-up and a stretch for your wrists. Stick your arms out in front of you and ball up your fists. Now slowly make circles with your fists by rotating your wrists in the outward direction. Rotate 10 times, then switch up the exercise by rotating your wrists the other way.

3.) Rotator Cuff Stretch – For this exercise, put your arm behind your back and place the back of your palm near the centre of your back. Now reach over your chest with the other hand and grab your elbow. Once you’ve got a hold of your elbow, gently pull it towards the front and release it once it can’t stretch anymore. Repeat this motion at least 10 times before you switch hands. This exercise is important as the swing often puts a lot of stress on your shoulders and rotator cuffs. This stretch will help you deal with this excess strain.

4.) Ankle Rotation – The alphabetical ankle combines both warm-ups and stretches into one movement. It’s imperative that you stretch your ankle out before every game, and be very cautious when you play. For this stretch, lift one leg until your knee is in line with your hip. Now slowly trace the alphabet by rotating your ankle in various directions. This will force your ankle to stretch in a variety of ways and improve mobility.

5.) Toe Touches – Touching toes is one of the best warm-up exercises before badminton since it is great for stretching especially for your hamstrings, which are subjected to a whole lot of impact during a badminton game. All you have to do is bend forward towards the ground while keeping your back straight, and try to touch your toes. It doesn’t matter if your knees are bent, just make sure that your back is straight. Once you have touched your toes, try straightening out your left leg as much as possible without bending your back. Don’t worry about letting go of your toes, because you should feel an intense stretch along with your hamstrings anyway.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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