We all want to stay fit and active. We try different fitness regimes in order to stay fit like yoga, aerobic exercises, gym, jogging, swimming, cricket, badminton, etc.

We always intend to look active and energetic during our daily fitness regime. We start our daily fitness routine with shopping.

Whenever we rush to sportswear stores and try to buy fitness and gym wearables, we get stuck amid several questions amid different sports brands.

The questions pop-ups like which sportswear brand to rely on? Which is the best sportswear brand? Which will act as another skin? Which is perfect for us? And many more.

So we will be answering every question.

Top 10 Sportswear Brands In The World

These Sports brands are popular across the globe and have huge goodwill.

These Sports brands are generally endorsed by famous actors and athletes and boast huge fan followings.

1. Adidas (German) 

AdidasAdidas:- All Day I Dream About Sports

Its full name reveals how energetic and sportive brand is Adidas.

Product Range: Watches, Bags, T-shirt, hoodies, gym outfits, apparel, deodorant, socks, sports shoes, etc.

The Sports brand Adidas offers a wide range of women, men, and kids. They have huge varieties of their products.

You can visit www.adidas.com

2. Nike (American) 

NikeInitially, Nike was known as blue ribbon sports. Nike is counted among the most reliable sports brands.

The Sports brand Nike deals are specialized in apparel, athletic shoes, and sports equipment.

Product Range:- Athletic shoes, sports bra, armbands, hoodies, pullovers, swimsuits, etc.

Nike has a vast variety for all categories of women, men, and kids.

You can visit www.nike.com

3. Puma ( German) 

PumaOriginally, Puma was known as Ruda that stands as Rudolf Dassler.

The Sports brand Puma is a popular name in sports wearables brands. It is known for its football boots and jerseys.

Product Range:- Track pants, sports bra, pullovers, bags, digital watches, gym wearables, etc.

Puma is a reputed brand and won’t disappoint you in any way.

You can visit www.puma.con

4. Fila (Italian/Korean) 

FilaFila is the world’s largest sports brand. Fila was founded by Fila brothers and now became a popular brand. Also, Fila footballs are also something to try.

The Sports brand Fila is known for its sports accessories and equipment and clothing.

Product Range:- Athlete shoes, sports bra, sandals, sports accessories, hoodies, outerwear, etc.

Fila is the brand you can trust and rely upon.

You can visit www.fila.com

5. Reebok (British) 

ReebokReebok is another name for passion and strength. Reebok is a subsidiary brand of Adidas. Also, a popular brand among youngsters.

The Sports brand  Reebok is known for its sports kit, sports apparel, sports accessories, etc.

Product Range:- Athletic shoes, gym bags, armbands, sunglasses, sports bra, and many more.

Reebok has launched a sub-brands for kids named as Weebok.

You can visit www.reebok.com

6. Under Armour (American) 

Under ArmourUnder Armour is a leading brand in sports wearables. Under Armour is specialized in wearables for sports like soccer, tennis, and basketball. You should check the digital watches from under armour.

The Sports brand  Under armour is known for its accessories and jerseys.

Product Range:- caps, bags, armbands, shoes, and other accessories.

You can trust under armour for style and comfort. Their products won’t disappoint you in any way.

You can visit www.underarmour.com

7. Converse (American) 

ConversThe logo itself makes the products look dazzling. The converse is popularly known among teenagers and youngsters.

The Sports brand Converse is also known as All-Star Converse. And they gained popularity from their edition of denim shoes.

Product Range:- athletic shoes, bags, apparels, hoodies, push up bra, t-shirts, etc.

You can visit www.converse.com

8. Skechers (American) 

SkechersSkechers is a popular shoe brand. It has launched its apparel and has emerged as a sports brand with new styles and trends.

Skechers shoes are comfortable and ideal for every sport.

Product Range:- Socks, belts, athletic shoes, sandals, bags, apparel, etc.

You can visit www.skechers.com

9. The North Face (American) 

North FaceThe North Face is popularly known for its gym bags and accessories.

The Sports brand North Face is known for its style and strength. Their products are stylish and strong.

Product Range:- gym bags, apparels, accessories, etc.

You can visit www.northface.com

10. Asics (Japanese) 

AsicsAsics is the only Japanese sportswear brand that made it into this list. Owing to its seamless quality and flexible and light shoes, Asics has made millions of its consistent consumers.  Asics is a sports brand that won’t disappoint you in any way.

Product Range:- athletic shoes, socks, sandals, etc.

You can visit www.asics.com

I hope all the questions are answered. These are the most trusted and reliable brands you can invest in.

The last question I would be answering is the price range of all the companies.

Every company has a different price range for different products that varies. So you must check it out from their webpages and showrooms.

All the best for your daily fitness routine! Stay fit and healthy!


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


Paayel is a correspondent at Sportz Business Magazine and pursuing Journalism from Lady Shri Ram college. She is an aspiring and passionate journalist, who is on her way to gain more knowledge and wisdom.

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