Consumer fitness technology is taking the AI market by storm, with a huge impact on overall health applications. Procrastination and boredom are two of the biggest factors holding people back from exercising, and hiring a personal trainer is expensive. Launched this week, goal-oriented fitness app GOFA uses innovative and proprietary artificial intelligence technology to provide real-time feedback and motivation, requiring no other devices than a smartphone.

With industry-leading AI, GOFA Fitness uses GPS, 3D motion tracking technology, and machine learning to provide users with live feedback during workouts. GOFA Fitness launched with seven modalities (Running, Yoga, Meditation, HIIT, Strength, Pilates, Cardio) and 150 class options. GOFA Fitness’ AI integrates right into your smartphone’s camera, there is no need for additional devices, or equipment, making it an ideal travel companion for workouts on the go.

AI-powered fitness apps are gaining attention as consumers still choose to exercise at home or on the go. The main focus of GOFA Fitness is to inspire people and excite them to move again by providing affordable and accessible training from the comfort of their homes. Wayne Chung, GOFA Fitness CEO and serial tech entrepreneur identified three core causes for the sudden rise in fitness AI technology:

● Personal trainers are costly and not accessible to everyone. It’s estimated that over 70% of people aren’t active enough, and lack of interest and accountability play a role in why that number is so high.

● Discomfort in attending classes or hitting the gym. For reasons related to their personal appearance to the pandemic to nervousness about trying new machines, there are millions who choose to not get moving.

● Accessories are expensive – whether it’s a set of nice weights or a basic treadmill. The cost of equipment plus subscriptions can add up.

GOFA Fitness’ unique 3D technology makes this app stand out in the market. Detecting poses in all directions, allows the user to perform the exercises in any orientation. Users can perform exercises freely without the imitations or the hassle of repositioning themselves in front of the camera after each movement, making GOFA Fitness ideal for exercising in a home environment.

GOFA Fitness’ AI component focuses on four core elements:

● Engagement: For cardio and HIIT workouts, with the phone’s camera angled so the user is in the frame, GOFA Fitness’ AI technology will track movement to detect engagement and activity. The goal is to “raise the bar,” keeping it in the active zone. If there’s no movement, the radar onthe side drops. When the workout ends, a score is given based on how long the user was in the active zone.

● Reps: During strength workouts, the app will count the reps on screen while the user faces the camera, performing the movements led by the trainers.

● Mirror (launching February 2022): Users taking yoga, Pilates, and other slower forms of movement will work to mirror each pose the instructor is performing on-screen with the app and AI providing real-time feedback on corrections.

● AI-Running Coach: Audio-based guided runs use AI technology that analyzes real-time data and provides live feedback on pace, distance, heart rate, and personal records.

“We’re really disrupting the fitness industry with our technology. One of our biggest selling points is the fact that we make fitness and healthier choices feel less intimidating, ” says Wayne Chung, GOFA Fitness CEO. “GOFA Fitness is an all-in-one app that can monitor your progress and help you improve your results with personalized tips and advice, exactly as a personal trainer would do. But the app doesn’t just stop at fitness — it takes a holistic approach to wellness that will include sleep tracking and meditation too. Using computer vision, AI, and results analysis, our apps make wellness more accessible at a grassroots level. Users will be able to monitor their progress and adjust their training in ways that they’ve never been able to before.”

GOFA Fitness technology will inspire people to live healthier lifestyles and can be used as a tool to help them reach their goals while eliminating the fear of the unknown and meeting the user where they are. GOFA Fitness retails in the Apple and Android app stores for US$9.99 per month or US$79.99 per year.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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