Sports safety gears and equipment may sometime looks clumsy and odd, but using a proper safety gears for a sport is the most essential aspect of protecting the sports person from serious physical injuries and accidental mishaps. In order to accomplish a successful game maintaining a good sportsmanship devoid of any sour incident, safety gears are highly recommended for the athletes to put on at the time of play.

These gears which differ from sport to sport act as a life-saver for a million of athletes across their career.

In a bid to avoid any physical injuries to the athletes while playing matches, the government highlights probable safety measures for the participating athletes in different forms of sports.

The article tries to focus in those items which play an integral role in shielding sports persons across several facets of sports:


Helmets being the most demanded safety gear is widely used across several forms of sports including, cricket, football (American one, Rugby), cycling, skiing, motor sports and other outdoor sports. Designed precisely to shield any mis-happenning or accidental headon collision, the helmet presents a quintessential example of sports safety gears. As different sports demand different kind of safety measures, these helmets are designed and tested accordingly. Helmets which are designed for a discrete sport are not suitable for the other ones. For instance a cricket helmet can’t be used in hockey and ice-skating.

It is recommended that the head safety gear, helmet should match the size of athlete’s head so that to prevent him or her from any physical damage.

Chief brands available in India:  One can find a plethora of Indian manufacturers in India who majorly deals through India Mart, one can order in bulk or in piece by going through these companies’ profile: Jonex Expert, Klapp Armor, PlayOne Elite, Me Cricket and Yonker Cricket accessories, Bazooka hunter Cricket Helmet.

Protective Eyewear

Protective EyewearAnother major sports gear, Protective Sports Eyewear are highly recommended to be used in adventurous sports like Snowboarding, Skiing, Cycling and rowing and kayaking. These adventurous sports eye-gears are made of 3-mm polycarbonate lenses with ultra violet filter protecting the sportsperson’s eye from harmful UV rays. In the game of cricket, wicket keepers use protective eyewear to protect themselves from getting hurt by the cricket ball. Besides, these eye wear gears are also being used by the athletes of the sport of Tennis. The chief available brands in India Includes Eye gear, Oakley Jawbreaker, Kalenji Run which can be easily both offline and online.

Face Protection and Mouth Guards

Face Protection and Mouth GuardsIn cricket, hockey, baseball and other where hard solid balls are being used, there is a huge chance for the athletes to get hurt on their face with the speeding balls.

In the combat sports, including boxing, MMA Karate and other forms of martialart, face guard gears are highly recommended to avoid any defacing knock on the important organs of body. Marking boxing, hockey, rugby, and squash, cricket and others as the most vulnerable kind of sports where body parts like teeth, gums, jaws, tongue and cheek can be a soft target. These mouth guards should fit the mouth approximately for a proper carefree sporting in the field. Some major brands which deals in these safety gears includes USI Universal, Vinex Boxing head gears, Sahni sports and other indigenous brands which has been catering the whole world with their qualitative gears.

Pads, Guards and Straps

Pads, Guards and StrapsIn sports like Hockey, Rugby, Cricket and football, where players body contacts to each other and hard balls at the time of game, pads and guards should be used by the athletes to avoid any injury in shoulders, elbows, arms thigh, knees, shins and ankles. The guards which ranges from hard plastic to soft padded gearshield the body parts of a sportsperson from getting any sprains and fractured at the time of sport.

In the game of cricket, skin guards are being used to protect the shins from rapid contact with the hard ball.

Knee pads are used to protect knee joint and severe damage to the cartilages, shoulder pads help to protect and support shoulder joint to reduce any accidental mishaps on the field. Similarly, there are other guards available in the market, which protect specific group of muscle from getting ruptured including Thigh Pads and Elbow Pads. SS and SG are the leading manufacturers and supplier of Cricket Pads of International Level. While in order to grab a good qualitative Gaurds and Straps, one can always order them online.

Protective Clothing and Footwear

Protective Clothing and Footwear

There are some safety sports gear and footwear which are specially designed for a particular sport.

Taking instance of soccer, where players are equipped with sports cleats with spikes, especially designed to curtail the risk of getting injury from falls in the field. In the same way, for sprinters like UsainBolt and others, the running shoes are precisely designed to optimize pronation and minimize overuse of feet and ankle joints. In the adventurous sport of cycling, athletes are given cycling shoes that shield the feet from getting any strain allowing them to complete a safe circuit with swift pedaling.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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