The plyometric box is essential fitness equipment that is used in Plyometric Training. Quite common fitness equipment in a Crossfit gym, the plyometric boxes are quite handy to use and convenient to store in any corner of your gym.

Plyometric Training is an effective way of developing explosive power and boosts your vertical jump. An essential element of Crossfit training, HIIT, the plyometric training also comes into the application for sports like basketball, golf, sprinting and football. Plyometric Exercise is a combination of eccentric (Muscle-Lengthening) action and concentric (Muscle-Shortening) action. The practice of Plyometric exercises increases muscular power which is further transfers to explosive power. Plyometric training involves the usage of jumps, hops, bounds, and/or skipping ropes.

Benefits of doing plyometric training:

1. Rise in strength

Performing eccentric and concentric movements simultaneously and in a short interval of time, triggers blasting power and strength to your muscles.


It a perfect HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout

3. Boost Agility

The training is quite effective for athleticism in both youth and adult populations

4. Weight lose

Owing to the high intensity of repetitive movement, it is a great way to lose weight by cutting some extra fats of your body

Major Plyometric Workouts:

1. Jumping boxes

-Take a plyometric box in front of you, and start jumping onto the box with your box legs landing smoothly in the top of it. In order to bring some variations, you can either simply jump onto the box or just step on the box. The workout is quite great for conditioning, leg strengthening, and power enhancement.

2. Single leg lunge

– In this workout, you will require to place your right foot on the box while keeping left one grounded on the floor. Now, bending your left leg, lower your right leg simultaneously towards the floor. This will conclude one set of one side now, do this again with another leg.

3.  Incline Push up

–   A perfect exercise for your chest and arms, Incline push-up strengthen your upper body. Take a stance of push-up by gripping the sides of the Plyometric box now lower your body bending your body until your chest touches the box. Now, push up your body to the initial position until your arms straighten, now continue the process.

4. Basic plyo box jumps

– Take a few Pylo boxes and place them a few feet apart making a gap amongst them.  Now, maintaining a pace, start jumping over the boxes until you reach the end of the line of boxes.

5. Squats

–Stand while facing away from it. Now, start squatting until you can feel your gluteus touches the side of plyo box. Try to balance your body during the course of the workout by stretching arms in front of you.

6. Sideway jump

–Stand at one side of the plyometric box now jump up sideways on the box and then land smoothly and again jump back on the box from other sideway.

7. Burpee Step Overs

-Stand to the side of the plyometric box sideways. Now, do a burpee, then step on the box with your one leg and subsequently take others also on the platform. Step down on one leg and then bring your second leg do a burpee. This how you can do one set of Burpee Step over. Try to speed up your speeding and doing a burpee.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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