Osmo Nutrition has introduced Rapid Recovery in chocolate and vanilla flavors. Rapid Recovery is designed to drink within 30 minutes of finishing a workout to maximize recovery benefits.

Rapid Recovery contains a blend of ingredients to enhance recovery: proteins, carbs, and caffeine enable muscle repair and boost glycogen replacement. Rapid Recovery uses two proteins — whey isolate and micellar casein — that halt muscular breakdown. Whey being fast-acting and casein being long-lasting ensures the potential of full workout recovery. The newly launched Rapid recovery of Osmo Nutrition is quite miscible in liquid.

Osmo Nutrition

The 15-serving container has a MSRP of $35.

Founded in 2013, Osmo Nutrition uses a science-driven approach to improve athletic performance through better hydration and recovery. Osmo’s goal is to help athletes of every level maximize potential with hydration and nutrition formulas that help prevent cramping, fatigue, and boost endurance.


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