Is getting footfall still a snag despite installing state of the art equipment and recruiting best in class trainers? Then there are few marketing ideas that you can incorporate to your gym facility to augment your slow gathering of clients.

By following simple marketing ideas, you can, in fact, market your gym facility in a very patterned way, for that all you need to follow our series of articles that we have been bringing every month since our January edition. Just to stay ahead of this saturated market of gyms growing in every corner of our city, follow our series ‘Effective ways to market your gym facility’ and see how good things rollover. As each gym or club is quite distinct, so depending upon your requisites, you can choose appropriate ones and you can ignore which you don’t find feasible to attain.

So here are a few ideas through which you can market your gym membership and increase the revenue of your gyms:

  1. Host Fitness Webinars

host fitnessIn the world of the digital boom, the internet is taking things ahead like never before. Online marketing is emerging as one of the best-proven marketing tools to penetrate your products in the market digitally. Nothing can beat the power of multimedia in online marketing where you can showcase your gym results by showing members working out and attaining their best shape of life. Where you can showcase your gym results. Considering to host a fitness-centric webinar—that is, an online conference with audio and video is a smart way to do so. Now, the question arises, what are the things you can add as in the topic of the discussion? At the conference, you can both promote your gym and talk more about fitness or health.

Using the conference as a grand platform to highlight the facilities that you are providing to your clientele. You can highlight what are the fitness regime, you got on the table and can call your fitness trainers to talk about the importance of fitness in anyone’s life. This how, you keep your potential clienteles apprised with the immense fitness drive, you and your brand do have. This will further pose a postive impact over the mind of people.

  1. Call On-Board More Online Trainers

gym for bodyIt is quite true that people are not ready to hit the gym again amid COVID-19 triggered pandemic. At such time, it will be a brilliant move for gyms and fitness clubs to work on their online training module and target as many as possible clienteles including their existing ones. Associating with online fitness trainers or calling on board in general fitness trainers to run streaming live fitness sessions is the best way to fill the gap.

To meet the demands of both trainers as well your clienteles, you can also become noble employer for the fitness trainers who are struggling at this time of crisis.

  1. Run Promotions on Social Media

Social Media networkSocial Media network is an effective place to connect with new probable clients. You can do promotions and other marketing stunts on the popular social media sites like Facebook, instagram and Twitter. Besides, hashtags also cater to target the kind of audiences as well as boost the organic search of your daily post.

Some try-outs that you can go for:

“What are your fitness goals for this year? Whoever has the best story will win one year of free yoga classes! #NewYearsResolutions.” Or: “New clients who use the code ‘Bikini Bod’ will get a 20% discount off of the summer class of their choice.”

  1. Organise Charity Competitions

RepresentationAt a time when there are a lot of gyms opening in every corner of the city, getting involved in some sort of local community makes your gym brand ‘out of the clutter’ in comparison to others. Organizing a charity bodybuilding competition is a quite feasible option, that you can do along with your own clientele bodybuilders and people from other gyms. For that, you need to set up a simple online signup form and invite participants to register there without any hassle. The bodybuilding competition can be a group event or a single participant one, depending on the categories you are finalizing to go. Make it vocal that you are giving some percentage of each entry fee to the charity cause of your choice. Well, advertise it well! Initially, the competition can be an obstacle to organize but you need to make it quite subtle and smooth. In the end, to felicitate the winners of the competition, give them a free membership to your gym to mark their efforts.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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