Representing Indian several times at several International bodybuilding championships including Amateur Olympia, Manoj Patil, IFBB Pro Card athlete is a youth icon who has been inspiring young Indian bodybuilders to excel in the Industry. With an experience of 13 years of Bodybuilding, Manoj Patil comes from a humble Middle-Class background that has never given up on his dreams and continued to hustle in the bodybuilding industry even in adverse conditions.

At present, this self-made bodybuilding athlete cherishes to be counted as a well-known model, athlete, trainer, and successful entrepreneur.

Bringing more facts about this stellar figure of Indian Bodybuilding, Abhinav from Sportz Business Insights talks to Manoj Patil, IFBB Pro Card Athlete where he sheds light on his plans ahead and journey so far.

FITNESSQ Manoj Patil, How do you see your journey into the world of bodybuilding?

My Journey started 13 years ago with a sole vision to win Mr. Olympia which is the biggest dream in my life. Right now, I already have my Pro Card and I am preparing hard to make it happen very soon. So far I have performed three times at the Olympia amateur championship.

Q Since you are an IFBB Pro Cardholder, how do you see its value in every athlete’s life?

IFBB Pro Card is a very huge title for every athlete from the world of Bodybuilding. I have worked hard to earn this card and it retains much reputation in every athlete’s life. You need to win this Pro Card if you want to perform at platforms like Olympia and others.

Manoj Patil,Q How many times you have represented India at the International Bodybuilding Championship?

I have represented India overseas at the International Bodybuilding Championships more than 7-8 times which includes:

  • Mr. Olympia Amateur Championship 4 Times
  • Mr. Asia 1 time
  • Sheru Classic 2-3 times

Q Being a youth icon. What is your word of advice for the young aspiring athletes who want to enter into this industry?

I would like to advise everyone is to Just focus on their goals whether it is bodybuilding or life just stay focus on your goal and see great things start happening altogether. Talking about bodybuilding, it’s a different game altogether here you need to stay focused and have patience across the 365 days of a year. For bodybuilding, patience is the key to success.

Q How are you associated with Dynami Nutrition?

fitfamI am a part of Dynami Nutrition. It’s my own company; I am a shareholder of the nutrition brand. I personally use and endorse this amazing brand of Nutrition. Since products are wholly made in India; we cherish promoting Indigenous products of health supplements in the country.

Q How do you the growth of Bodybuilding cult in India?

In India Body, building is growing very fast unlike before. And if we talk about the Men’s Physique category of Bodybuilding, Indian athletes are quite serious about the category, so yes, bodybuilding is growing very fast in India.

Q You are an athlete of IFSA, Can you tell our audience about this, what’s it all about?

IFSA is a fitness academy that trains students to be certified trainers. The Teachers and the guest faculties are quite knowledgeable and are incline to train the best trainers that the gym industry requires at present.

Q And the last plan for this year, are you going to perform anywhere?

Yes, I am preparing for the Pro Championship. But right now gyms are closed amid the COVID-19 crisis in Mumbai which is quite depressing in all sense for athletes like us. If everything goes fine and normalcy hits again, I will be going to America or Canada to perform as there ain’t any championship left for me in India.


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