Unemployed, let health and wellness sector fix up your revenue generation

In India Health and wellness business is taking a new a leap in the recent years. At the time, when Indian food recipes are not considered to be rich-in the most important element of healthy life i.e. protein, there is always room to bring something innovative to lessen the gap.

According to the International Diabetes Foundation, India which has got more diabetic than any other country in the world and recently it has surpassed in the top spot by China.  If we believe the fact and figure in numbers, around 62 million Indians are affected by diabetes which shares more than 7.1% of the Adult population.

Now, when people from the urban and semi-urban areas have become more concerned about their health and wellness, they are quite affluent or quick to spend money on products and services. This simply directs an immediate need of business ventures to be started in the health and wellness sector of the country.

In this article, we have summed up a few business ideas which can be implied or applied in the field of health and wellness with an assured profit making formats.

1. Personal Chef

Personal Chef

Many people want to eat right but they don’t have the right resources and knowledge to do so. In that case, hiring a personal chef can do wonderful things with their knowledgeable and smart cooking. However, there is a scarcity of such affluent clients to get you hired for the purpose however, amid rising awareness for healthy living can resonate your chances to always get started.

The business format is a luxurious one where you can either go to your client’s home to cook heathy food or you can cook at your place and then deliver. For a mass serving, there is always room that you start catering for a whole health enthusiast groups and at events.

As it’s still in the starting phase of it, you can penetrate your service as soon as possible in the market.

2. Healthy food app service

Healthy food

There is a plethora of services coming up in the market with their quirky healthy recipes. If you are also someone, who loves to measure calories what you are cooking and having, then  healthy food app food service can give you an entrepreneurship option. All you need to do is to get an app developer where you  can host and sale your healthy food items online.

3. Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

The concept of ‘Personal training‘ does limit itself in gyms and fitness Centres as in the middle of Internet’s boom; sessions are being irrespective of states and country. With a concept of online training programme, a number of men and women are taking fitness session online for their clients following the session at the other end of the world.

Personal trainers are the ones who help you meet your personal short-term and long terms fitness goals following some charging something which depends from one trainer to another trainer. It is always advisable to get certified by an authorized institution which provides a regular theory and practical classes for their students.

In the market, ACE and ACSM are considered to be the most reputed and internationally acclaimed certifications one can get before heading to start personal training service proving service.

4. Health Coach


Going beyond your health and fitness goals, health coaches are the ones who aid their clients mentally and physically by becoming their life support system. These coaches apart from coaching exercising and weight controlling activities, also guide proper nutrition, relaxation and stress management session.

In the business format, having certification in nutrition and fitness training will deliver confidence to your clients that you have all valid reason to guide them.

5. Health and wellness products

Health and wellness products

This is the most income generating business ideas; one can venture in the sector.

The products which can be part of this venture are like gluten-free and vegan offerings, as well as vitamins, supplements and weight loss tools.  As so many network company and franchisee company offers health and fitness products, there is always a chance of turning venture in to a profitable form of business.

In order to tap the market, it is advised to do an elaborate research about the products to see if the products meet all government’s norms. You also have to meet discrete requirements as well if you plan to sell food or items you create because of potential health hazards associated with health and wellness products.

6. Health and Wellness Books

Health and wellness book

How about earning money by doing something which you love to do?

Writing and framing fitness and nutritional courses for online as well as offline clients, is a great way to be an educator in the health and wellness sector. It is always seen after spending much time in the writing and handling clients, you can add physical books and e-books to add additional value to your income  value.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


A Journalist who has been working for B2B segment for almost half a decade. He has developed a knack of writing deliberate reports on indigenous market leaders across different sectors like health, fitness and sports goods manufacturing. He developed a discrete interest in covering business reports including business events, expos, and trade fairs.

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