Is getting footfall still a snag despite installing state of the art equipment and recruiting best in class trainers? Then there are few marketing ideas that you can incorporate to your gym facility to augment your slow gathering of clients. By following simple marketing ideas, you can, in fact, market your gym membership in a very patterned way, for that all you need to follow is our series of articles that we have been bringing every month since our January edition. Just to stay ahead of this saturated market of gyms growing in every corner of our city, follow our series ‘Effective ways to market your gym facility’ and see how good things rollover. As each gym or club is quite distinct, so depending upon your requisites, you can choose appropriate ones and you can ignore which you don’t find feasible to attain. So, here are a few ideas through which you can market your gym membership and increase the revenue of your gyms:

Build Confidence of Your Clients

Now, when the gyms are opening after a long gap of four and a half months, people will be reluctant to re-join a gym session. At this time pandemic, your cleanliness, as well as precautionary measures, can be a great USP for your gym set-up.gym equpiment

In order to build trust amongst fitness enthusiasts, You need to make sure that you are following the government’s directed guidelines including:

Major Highlights of the Guidelines:

  • Only asymptomatic persons are to be allowed entry
  • A minimum distance of 6 feet to be maintained every time
  • A mandatory thermal scanning of everyone
  • Isolated batches for the fitness sessions
  • No rush on the floor
  • The proper arrangement at parking space, corridors, and elevators
  • Administrations need to keep a keen eye over detailed check-ins and checkouts of the users
  • Mandatory bookkeeping of the users including their contact details

Walk the Gym Floor

This can sound less technical and an Old School Marketing thing, but talking and sharing gym flyers can still be handy to market your gym brands. Under this tactic, you can walk on the floor and then invite your existing gym members and their family members to join your new form of fitness regime on the floor. While pitching them about their new fitness regimes, you should us punchlines like,’ “You would love our CrossFit Class” or ” you would love to attend our newly added yoga classes”.

Keeping the same marketing pitch, you can also invite people to get some personal training sessions at your gym. Personal Training is an excellent way to reach fitness goals, people especially newbies would love to get one.

Create an Online Workout Communitygym

At this time of Pandemic, when a majority of people are not comfortable to hit the gym again, you can always pitch them a virtual training program. By creating an online workout community, you can not only follow norms of social distancing at its best but also deliver them a group personal training option.

During the period of lockdown, there were a number of gyms and fitness centres were indulged into this and believe some reports, people were quite liking it especially working professionals.

All you need to do is to filter out a select groups of people according to their age or their fitness goals and then start giving them fitness tutorials at their assigned timing. By doing you can extend the reach of your gym as well as reduce rush at your gym.

Gym Membership Flash Sale

Gym Membership Flash sales pose to be a great success as they inculcate an element of exclusivity and a limited time bracket that can compel people to act quickly. Remember one thing that your gym membership is not like a limited edition offer of some designer dress to offer people, it’s your established business that wholly runs on membership as well as personal training of clients. Hence, you need to make such flash limited to hours or days. You can’t afford to relax it for weeks and months.

In order to keep such campaigns short and catchy, you can use ideas like, ‘enroll your beloved and workout free for a month’. To make it more vocal you will need to post it on sort of social media platforms including your Gym WhatsApp group. This way you can remarkably change in the graph of your gym membership sale.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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