Stretching is important, it eases your jammed joints, smoothens your blood circulation and yes it also rekindles freshness.

Get bored at your place lying down for days, and then brace yourself as tough days are still ahead!!

One needs to be light and flexible during this course of locked down.

Devoid of any physical activities, you definitely be going to face stress and tension. In order to aboard this absolute boredom coming through the corridor of emptiness, start stretching!!

Yes, you heard it right; ‘Stretch yourself to loosen your Stress.’

In this article, we have enlisted some simple stretch routines that you can do over your bed before even leaving it.

  1. Lying Spinal Twist in Bed | 15 seconds each side

Spinal Twist

  • Just lift your right knee up towards your hips
  • Using your left hand to tap it down the left side of yours
  • It will create a tension in your torso and spine
  • Now stretch your right arm out and look to the right side of yours creating a twisting sensation in your spine and hip
  • As you reached the posture, try to hold for 15 seconds before switching sides.
  1. Lying Hamstring Stretch | 15 seconds each side

Hamstring Stretch

  • Lying on the bed, all you need to is to stretch your leg upright in 90″ and hold it standstill by warping your hands around the calves.
  • Bend a little at your knee and relaxed your leg focusing to stretch your hamstring.
  • Keeping your other leg should rest on the bed, try to hold it for 15 seconds and then repeat it with the other resting leg.
  1. Seated Forward Fold | 30 seconds hold

Seated Forwar

  • Sit erect with legs extended straight out before you on the bed
  • Now, making a hinge at your back try to touch your knees gripping your ankles with hand.
  • Let your spine to round and had to relax forward
  • Hold it for 30 seconds
  1. Puppy Pose in bed-15 seconds hold

Puppy Pose

  • To start with getting into the all-fours position
  • now, walk your hands a far as you can in the bed while adjusting your hips over your knees
  • In order to get the most of this stretch, straighten your arms with palms flat gripped in the bed
  • rest your head on the bed for 15 seconds taking deep breaths
  1. Pigeon Pose in Bed | 15 seconds each side

Pigeon Pose

  • Get into an all-fours position and take your right knee underneath your chest
  • Move your right foot towards the outside of your left hip, and then lower your torso towards that knee while straightening your opposite leg behind you. Rest your head on the backs of your hands.
  • Take three deep breaths, then lift back up to all fours and repeat on the other side
  1. Eagle arms- 15 seconds each side

Eagle arms

  • Squat on your bed
  • Cross your right arm by taking it under your left and now twist together so that your palms meet like a Christmas tree at the top
  • Now Lift your elbows up to your shoulder level to feel some kind of stretch  n your upper back
  • Try to hold for 15 seconds now try doing the same with other hands.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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