Zumba announced that CIRCL Mobility™, a revolutionary new program designed to unlock the body’s full potential through flexibility, breathwork, and mobility exercises, has officially launched. Similar to the format of other Zumba fitness programs, CIRCL Mobility will be licensing instructors through an on-demand licensing program, while offering a multitude of tools and teaching resources to keep instructors supported and successful.

This first-of-its-kind program was created by Karate World Champion Ai Lee Syarief and fitness + education expert Joy Prouty, who together recognized the need for a comprehensive program that focuses on the body’s ability to release physical restrictions, restore core capabilities, and renew people’s range of motion.

CIRCL Mobility is not your typical exercise program; it truly focuses on actively taking your body through movement patterns using macro and micro joint movers to improve range of motion + flexibility. Plus, it’s set to custom produced music that not only sets a relaxing tone, but incorporates binaural beats + isochronic tones proven to reduce stress, improve focus, and aid in physical balance. The program is designed to be accessible to individuals of all fitness levels and can be adapted to fit any lifestyle.

“We’re excited to launch CIRCL Mobility and we believe we have filled a gap in the fitness industry and current group fitness class offerings,” said Zumba CEO Alberto Perlman. “Our program is designed to help students improve their mobility and aid in recovery which are critical components of physical health. We believe that by incorporating these elements into our daily routine, we can all live healthier lives.”

About Zumba Fitness, LLC

Founded in 2001, Zumba is the largest branded fitness company in the world – reporting more than 15 million weekly participants, in 200,000 locations, across 185 countries. Zumba® blends world rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography for an effective workout that empowers participants to become their best selves – mind, body and soul. In addition to its original Zumba program, the company offers 10 Zumba specialty classes – from aquatic-based to those specifically designed for active older adults and children. In 2016, Zumba launched its first non-dance, HIIT workout STRONG Nation®, where music acts as the main motivator. In 2023, Zumba launched CIRCL Mobility™, a revolutionary new program designed to unlock the body’s full potential through flexibility, breathwork, and mobility exercises. The Zumba® lifestyle is rounded out by the company’s many consumer product offerings, including the Zumba 6 Week Transformation Program, video games, original music, activewear and footwear, and interactive Fitness-Concert™ events.


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