Asia-Pacific’s fastest-growing fitness franchise, BFT, is joining forces with Europe’s largest- fitness race HYROX, with BFT becoming the exclusive training centre for HYROX in Asia Pacific.

This is the largest global partnership for HYROX that will not only give Aussie gym enthusiasts something to train for, but will also help to boost HYROX’s profile across APAC, while driving BFT brand awareness in Europe as they continue their worldwide expansion.

HYROX has seen more than 50,000 participants compete at their events in London, New York, Madrid, Hamburg and Amsterdam, making them the largest fitness race in the world. With their first APAC events scheduled to take place in Sydney and Melbourne this August, 2023, HYROX will give gym goers a platform to test their strength, skill and endurance, while doing exercises you would usually find in any gym class. This makes the event one of the most accessible in the world, as competitors compete at their own pace depending on their fitness levels.

“BFT are very excited to announce this innovative partnership and feel that the BFT training system is uniquely positioned to be the perfect Official Training Partner for HYROX and the many people that attend their events globally. We can’t wait to see the positive growth from this partnership for both brands, with HYROX participants training in BFT studios around the world, and our BFT communities participating in HYROX events!” – Cameron Falloon, Founder of BFT.

The Partnership

BFT is set to become The Official HYROX Training Centre for Asia Pacific, creating the perfect platform for athletes to prepare for their HYROX event.

In addition to their existing progressive, science-based training programs, BFT will be adding HYROX-specific training programs to their weekly programming at all 240 open studios. HYROX athletes can confidently become members of their local BFT, knowing they’ll get the best possible preparation for their HYROX event, the first of which will be in Sydney and Melbourne in August.

“It’s rare to find a perfectly aligned partner, with similar aspirations and a track-record of growth, who is willing to work together to make a step-change in the way people exercise, but in HYROX we believe we’ve found just that,” says Richard Burnet, Co-Global CEO of BFT.

“HYROX participants will now have an exclusive opportunity right across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore to get to a BFT and have the best possible preparation for their race. As more BFTs open across the UK, Spain, Germany and other parts of Asia, and HYROX Events hit many more cities, this will become a truly global partnership with benefits for HYROX race-goers and BFT members everywhere. And HYROX’s awareness and participation will explode across Asia Pacific thanks to BFT’s 55,000-member network and 350+ franchises sold.”

Christian Toetzke, founder of HYROX, adds, “We are thrilled to partner with BFT, known for providing one of the most advanced training methodologies who will act as HYROX Training Centres across Australia, Europe and Asia. Together, we can inspire athletes worldwide to push their limits and give their training a purpose – their next HYROX races.”

In addition to world-class programming, BFT members will gain exclusive access and benefits at HYROX Events including VIP access on race-day, a dedicated BFT pre-race and recovery lounge, discounted event entry, exclusive 10-week training programming tailored specifically to their HYROX event, and ongoing training and preparation tools.

The Event

HYROX is suitable for everybody.

Participants from all over the world compete in the exact same format. The race starts with a 1km run, followed by one functional movement, which repeats eight times. The event always takes place in a large indoor venue, creating a unique stadium-like atmosphere for all participants.

The functional movements performed are movements you would see at any gym class. They include a SkiErg, Sled Push, Sled Pull, Burpee Broad Jumps, Rowing, Farmers Carry, Sandbag Lunges and Wall Balls. Best of all, all exercises are achievable for even the most novice of exercisers – no 100m handstand walks here!

There are single events, doubles events and relays, so for someone who is not ready to try a full event yet, the relay is a great way to get a taste of the event and set you up for the following year.


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