Today long-time fitness instructor, Kait Hurley, has launched Move & Meditate™ with classes accessible on iOS devices, Android devices, and streaming to set-top devices. True to its name, Move & Meditate™ focuses on movement and meditation with classes that balance a strengthening physical practice with increasing awareness so users can thrive both mentally and physically. Packages are available for as little as $14.99 per month with no commitments.

“Move & Meditate™ has been our dream since we launched the first version of our app in 2017 and we are thrilled to present this new, updated platform to the world. We see ourselves as a digital support system and community for those who are looking for something deeper than a workout,” explains Kait Hurley, co-founder of Move & Meditate™. “At its core, it’s about recognizing the most radiant and authentic expression of you so you can then connect more meaningfully with your environment. If you are ready to do that, then we are ready and waiting for you!”

Users can choose from classes such as high-intensity workouts, running, and restorative classes that integrate meditative wisdom and awareness training. The majority of classes are music-driven using licensed dance music tracks to match the energy of each class.

The online programs thoughtfully guide users through classes designed by Kait, with new classes added every week. In this way, users can naturally progress toward their specific goals while still getting a well-rounded experience. Together with leaders in yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and healthy living, all of the content is produced exclusively for the Move & Meditate™ platform. There are currently more than 200 videos live on-demand.

About Move & Meditate™

Created by the husband-and-wife team, Kait Hurley and Peter Marks, Move & Meditate™ is a digital platform for people to experience the power and presence of mindful movement and meditation. Classes are accessible on iOS devices, Android devices, and streaming to set-top devices for as little as $14.99 per month with no commitments. For more information, visit

About Kait Hurley

Kait Hurley is a fitness instructor of 10+ years and an avid yogi who studied under an experienced mindfulness educator and researcher for four years. She is a former Division 1 athlete with a love of learning that drove her to discover a better approach to fitness that she is passionate about sharing.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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