How long you should exercise, it can be decided by the exercise you are performing, yet, if you have completed your whole workout session in half an hour, then it’s completely fine too. However, it is always wise to time your workout if you want to make sure that you’re receiving the accurate amount of result without exceeding. Of course, you have to stick to your regular exercising routine. Suppose you’re going to the gym and you are spending your time walking around or even talking to others, with a few minutes of exercises in between then you aren’t completing the same amount of workout sets unlike those who concentrate fully on the workout.

Long hours of workout and “living at the gym” every day may set you back

workoutHave you heard ‘excess of anything is bad’! Well, that can be valid for workout sets also, if you overdo it.  When you do a challenging workout, mainly when you’re working on developing strength, your body needs healing to rest and restore. A challenging workout, while releasing the hormones of stress, produces other stresses. It can affect the immune system to be down for as long as 72 hours. Strength training can cause micro-tears in the muscle tissue that, when restored and can help them in making them stronger if you don’t give your body the required rest of a day or two,  it can’t heal on its own.

If you’re not working hard enough, then you can make your daily routine without breaking a sweat

workoutYour lifestyle determines how much workout you need daily. If you are old and don’t have to do a lot of works then going for running or walks and yoga can help you to stay fit. But if you are a student and have to run here and there whole day long then to keep yourself active, you will have to do a proper workout. Also, workout depends on your fitness goals so decisions about your fitness goal and perform your exercises accordingly. Do not push yourself too much if it is not comforting you and you are getting hurt. Do it according to your comfort and ease. You will hate the overdoing of exercises if it hurts you.

Overdoing workouts can cause symptoms in your daily life

workoutOf course, you will begin to hate your workout sessions if you’re overdoing it, besides you’ll also begin to acquire a sour mood about everything. It’s related to what you see when someone is on the edge of getting ill. There are irritability, anger, and even depression. Your immune system might be down, and you’ll get sick more regularly, but most of all, you’ll get fatigued more immediately in doing daily activities. It’s not like the normal fatigue you felt at the beginning when you worked out, and it’s more pervasive.

  • Your exercising time should be based on the intensity of the workout—the more intense the exercise, the less the time you should do it. 
  • When you’re estimating how long to exercise, only count the time you’re working out.
  • If you have a heart rate calculator, then track your resting rate. If your heart resting rate suddenly rises, then your body is under stress. 
  • Working out too much can help you in losing weight and muscle mass and increased fat tissue. Unless that’s what you want as your fitness goal, it’s essential not to overwork your body and take rest in between sessions.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


Paayel is a correspondent at Sportz Business Magazine and pursuing Journalism from Lady Shri Ram college. She is an aspiring and passionate journalist, who is on her way to gain more knowledge and wisdom.

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