Yoga Mats also referred to as non-slip mats are those mats that are used for practicing yoga which could be either indoors or in an external environment. Normally, a yoga mat that an individual would expect ideally is the one that can provide enough grip, in addition to providing some cushion as well as luxury. In this way, yoga mats can help decrease the stress on joints.


As individuals practice many yoga asanas, there is a higher probability of sweat getting on to their hands. This sweat can fall on the floor and might cause a slippery surface that could make an individual fall on the ground. By having a good yoga mat by their side, individuals can prevent such situations that could cause unnecessary hurt and pain to their bodies.


During the yoga sessions, individuals may need to perform stretching, including holding postures. There is a higher possibility for them to not obtain sufficient comfort and may even suffer from back or shoulder pain. In such cases, yoga mats would be the best option for individuals to protect them from any injury or hurt. It is also recommended to have a yoga mat that has enough padding, since it can save individuals from any pain and suffering in the muscles and joints.


Another important aspect of going for a yoga class with a yoga mat is the hygiene and cleanliness factor. There are situations wherein, individuals might have to touch the floor that may have the footprints of several individuals on the same floor which can be avoided. It is also advised that in the case of performing yoga at home, it is better to mop the floor and allow it to dry and start the yoga session. Yoga mats would definitely give a clean space to perform workouts, wherever individuals may have their yoga sessions.


When yoga mats are used by individuals, they would be in a better position to maintain their balance for a longer period. When individuals are required to perform various poses on a smooth wooden floor, it could become really tough for them to hold their pose without their body sliding both front and backward.


Additionally, individuals who are using yoga mats for performing various yoga asanas can get some warmth in their bodies. Since the floor of a room is normally colder, individuals can avoid the situation of having to lie down on the floor continuously, especially during winter. Some of the body heat also gets transferred to the floor surface at the time of performing yoga using a yoga mat. Hence, individuals would be able to come in contact with a warmer place rather than onto a cold floor.


Yoga mats also help in separating an individual’s space from the other. Individuals performing yoga asanas would certainly have to restrict themselves to their mats, unlike a floor space that would be used by everyone. Hence, an individual would not be allowed to encroach onto another person’s mat. The space in which the yoga mat is placed would become exclusive to the individual and no one can place their feet onto the other person’s mat.


Some of the materials that are used for making yoga mats are rubber, foam, TPE, jute, cotton and PVC. Few yoga mats are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is considered to be cheap as well as efficient material by manufacturers. The use of chemicals in the manufacture of these mats provides enough flexibility as well as resilience. However, they have serious impacts on the health and environment, as the material that is being used is found to leak toxic chemicals such as carcinogens into the air as well as the surface of the land. Besides, recycling is also not possible in the case of these mats.


Eco-friendly yoga mats are considered to be long-lasting as compared to other mats made of plastic. These mats are made of various materials. One such material is the natural tree rubber material which is resistant and can sustain the wear and tear while practicing yoga on a regular basis. Moreover, this material has the ability to hold onto the ground strongly and ensure that the mat does not slide at all. While jute fiber material is a light-weight and environment-friendly material. Moreover, the cost of this material is cheaper which is beneficial for the user. Apart from these, other materials such as cork, polyurethane and few more are also good eco-friendly options that are available.


Yoga mats are in plenty and individuals are provided with many options for choosing the mat of their choice. Individuals are encouraged to choose mats that are eco-friendly, as it can provide them with a sense of belonging to nature. Moreover, using eco-friendly mats during yoga is also expected to enhance their overall quality of experience.


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