UFC launches Force Tracker to check intensity of a punch

force tracker


Bringing in innovation in the training session of a mixed martial art, the international MMA global biggie UFC has signed a Multi-Year licensing deal with the Taiwan based tech major CSG Taiwan for a Bluetooth enable device that can records an Individual’s speed, Power and Endurance at the time of training with Punching bag.

The device which will be manufactured and distributed globally by the CSG Taiwan is named as the UFC Force Tracker.

According to the deal, CSG Taiwan also acquired licensing to the Xforce Tracker mobile application,  that synchronized to the device UFC Force Tracker recording and storing users’ training progress.

With the use of the Application that runs on both iOS and Android, users can compare training stats on a global leaderboard.

We are excited to partner with UFC to bring the Force Tracker product and Xforce Tracker App to UFC fans globally,” said Eric Liu, Managing Director of CSG Taiwan Ltd, in an official UFC press release. “This motivational product will encourage both fitness fans and MMA athletes to train more efficiently as users can see the impact recording for each punch and kick.”

The UFC’s Force Tracker works is placed at the bottom of a heavy bag or the top of a free-standing punching bag. The device is available on Walmart.com in the United States as well as various online and retail distributors in Europe and Asia.


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