Scott Strode, an executive director of The Phoenix, a non-profit that has five functional fitness facilities in the country had stated that they had begun to offer virtual fitness classes after the Coronavirus pandemic had struck several parts of the world. He also stated that they have managed to cover nearly 1,000 people every month.

Scott Strode went on to mention that this had actually been a kind of gift and that they had realized that they could get to addicts who are recovering in the rural communities, which they have not been able to reach to date. He further added that The Phoenix has been providing free fitness that includes CrossFit classes that covered about 10,000 individuals who have been trying to recover from substance abuse disorder, ever since the charity organization was started in the year 2006.

Scott Strode and his team had got the opportunity to start an on-demand service, ever since the Coronavirus pandemic had struck the nation. This would enable people across the globe to locate various fitness classes any time they want.

Scott Strode stated that the only price to admission was 48 hours of sobriety. He had decided to start the non-profit, primarily owing to the fact that he had seen a huge gap in services that had existed in the case of those who have been recovering from substance abuse disorder.

He further stated that there has been so much focus on formal treatment. There had been very little that had existed regarding helping people find who they had been in their sober life.

Additionally, he mentioned that September was the National Recovery Month and that a campaign had been launched by Phoenix known as Sweatember. One of the goals of Sweatember had been to increase the awareness for all their programs, as he referred to their CrossFit classes, Olympic weightlifting classes, Yoga classes, including many other sporting events that had been offered by them.


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