FRISCO, a local CrossFit gym is planning a new outlet to be provided for the members of its community who are finding it tough to cope up with their mental health, including those who are suffering from substance abuse.

Frisco is planning to offer classes by catering to those individuals who have been searching for a healthy way to recover soon. Through Frisco’s CrossFit Low Oxygen, these classes would be offered to these individuals. In this way, efforts are being made to provide a community of support, both within and out of the gym.

Both Jared Dennis and his wife Taneil are joint owners of this gym. Jared Dennis stated that this gym is a place where people could come and get an experience that would help them. Further, he stated that he has often thought about those people who have been facing issues with drugs or alcohol in their lives and that these habits never really disappeared from them. Hence, he feels it is better to find a replacement for them with something that is more positive.

Jared Dennis and Taneil mentioned that they had been searching for a way by which they could contribute to new opportunities for the members of the community. At that point in time, they had come across a program known as ‘Fit to Recover’ at Salt Lake City, which had been having its operations since the year 2015. They were having the same philosophy of supporting sobriety by way of exercise and camaraderie.

The classes are set to be open for people possessing various levels of skills and each person will be provided workouts according to their abilities. The gym has been planning to hold the classes anytime during the second half of October.

Jared Dennis went on to mention that he had also faced several problems in getting out of alcohol. He further added that despite losing everything in a day, both Dennis and his wife had ensured that they would be at the gym without any misses, which he knew had helped them, and has been sharing the same with people.

Jennifer McAtamney, Executive Director of Building Hope mentioned that they are working towards providing a variety of options for individuals who have been struggling with substance use, as it is highly vital at this stage. This could mean that there could be more number of traditional Alcoholics Anonymous meetings or opportunities for fitness or support groups that are offered by local therapists.

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