What does define a man’s strength?

Well, there are many things associated with the strength of grip.  Let it be, you are lifting heavyweight and the way you address someone by giving them jostling handshakes, which speculate how confident in presenting yourself. Normally, a man’s might is being calculated by his arms strength and the might of his grip.

Stronger grips mean you have strong jostling handshakes. And a strong firm handshake not only shows your confidence but also shows the kind might you are carrying in your fist. Strong grips help a lot to the athletes in all pulling, pushing and holding a set of exercises. Let it be Deadlifts, pull-ups, farmers walk and bench rows and others all such weight-training exercises require a strong grip for better holding and better results.

In this article, we have enumerated a few things that you need to follow to get a solid steadfast grip of superman, but before let’s learn more about the benefits of having a strong grip:

  • It can prevent you from Tendinitis you will lessen all chances of getting carpal tunnel syndrome
  • It may abort cause of arthritis
  • Well, you will not exhaust your forearms muscles in lifting books, typing on the keyboard and throwing and catching something let’s say a ball
  • You can lift heavier each time

Sounds impressive!! Now, let’s learn how to increase your forearms strength despite doing a few wrist curls at the end of your daily exercise routine.


Challenge your weakness

Underneath this point, you need to understand that by strapping down your weakness won’t do any good to you. You need to challenge your weak joints and muscles by training them with some lightweight plates and dumbbells. Keeping your pride in the box, you need to work on this and need to resurrect the weakness by raining patiently. Several people in the gym can be seen, using wrist straps and other kinds of grips to lift weights and other forms of exercise.  Well, if used for a prolonged period, our weak joints and muscles become used to those artificial supports making your gripping forearms even weaker. It is recommended to first you increase your gripping strength and then hit to lift heavier weights.

Plate Pinch

Grab two-weight iron plates of the same size and same weight in each hand in between your thumb and fingers, arms by sides. Squeeze both of the iron plates as much as you can for one minute. Rest for  30 to 60 seconds and then again repeat the same.

Farmer’s Carry

Holding a heavy pair of Kettlebells in each hand, arms down by sides walk in a straight line without banging them against the sides of your legs. Try to continue the same for 30 to 60 seconds. Rest for 30 to 60 seconds, and then repeat. Do three to five sets.

Lift heavy

To lift heavy, you need superman kind of Forearm and vice versa.

Yeah, you get it right in the wake to get superman kind of grip; you need to work on your forearm and for that lifting heavy is the key solution.

By doing heavy deadlifts, pull-ups, and bodyweight rows, you can strengthen your forearm besides your grip. For other exercises including Pulls-ups and bodyweight rows, you need to challenge yourself by switching grips every few reps during a set.

With this rhythmic releasing and grasping dumbbell, you train your forearms to adjust and adapt to a variety of positions. In addition to these, don’t ignore walking lunges as, under this exercise, you walk straight holding dumbbells which again present a great opportunity of building a strong grip.

Squeeze the bar

This may be the simplest and the most effective means of making strong forearms and grip. By squeezing the bar with your hands, you can create immense power to your forearms and activate great gripping power to your wrist and forearm. Try to avoid the bar to slide towards your finger during a set. Try to keep the bar locked in your palm having your thumb circling the bar holding it intact. By putting your full might in gripping the bar can deliver you a sky-rocketing power to your forearms and grip.

Use hand grips

Hand Grips might look like simple tools to squeeze in and out killing your free time, but unknowingly these simple tools deliver immense power to your wrist improving the might of your grip. While working out in the gym, it is advisable that you must have a firm grip on the rods, bars, and other gym equipment handles. You also must have seen, while exercising over that gym equipment that requires you to weigh your own against gravity, your firm grip and allied wrist-based power, plays an important role in performing the reps of the exercise. Using hand grips can increase your wrist bone density and stronger grip. It strengthens your fingers, wrist as well as forearms muscles.

Besides, the fitness equipment is also perfect for those who go through a lot of stress or get angry frequently. He or she can use the tool as a stress-reliever and can also carry it along with them by easily keeping in their bag.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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