Plan2Play, a technology company serving the needs of the fitness and wellness industries has launched ARC software, which is a customer relationship management tool that enables entrepreneurs in the fitness, health, and wellness industry to attract members, run their business and connect their communities.

The software has been specially designed for gym and fitness studio owners, where they can use this software solution for a multitude of tasks, including managing leads, collecting payments, scheduling classes and organizing events for members. The interface allows fitness facilities to interact directly with members while also providing a space for them to communicate with each other, helping foster a sense of community.

Speaking on the launch, Louise Fahys, software engineer and CEO of Plan2Play said, “I am thrilled to bring this solution to market, as the industry has been waiting for a platform that encompasses all aspects of running a business and eliminates the headache of using multiple systems. Coming out of the pandemic, it’s critical that independent fitness and wellness facilities can offer the same level of service as bigger gyms. ARC provides the back end for that, while also making finding and converting prospective members easier.”

“We developed a solution that truly empowers owners and employees to focus on members instead of having to spend hours tied to the computer. Its important entrepreneurs have the tools they need to compete in an increasingly fragmented fitness space and ARC is a user-friendly platform that empowers staff to personalize interactions, turning leads into members while also providing real-time reports into what’s working and where improvement is needed,” he added.

The ARC software by Plan2Play can be used to build custom websites, manage leads, and run targeted social media ad campaigns. The run portion of the software is designed to effortlessly and efficiently tackle day-to-day tasks associated with a business. From collaborating and communicating with team members to scheduling classes to detailed member information that tracks each interaction and billing/payment processing is managed seamlessly in this software.

“Using ARC gives me more time back in my day, allowing me to prioritize other aspects of running my gym. My team is happy we made the switch from multiple platforms to one that addresses all of Bull City’s needs”, says an early adopter of Plan2Play and owner of Bull City CrossFit Jack Wiggen.

At the time of normalcy of curbs and re-opening of many gyms again, ARC’s connect features gains even greater importance, as fitness facilities work to build an active community among members. The gym or studio are natural places for people to form friendships and ARC makes it possible to help facilitate these relationships. This software from Plan2Play is now available for purchase by all independent fitness and gym owners. The accompanying mobile app is free for members to use. The Plan2Play team works closely with prospective clients to ensure it’s affordable for them to switch platforms; pricing varies by plan and averages a few hundred dollars a month.

About Plan2Play

Durham, North Carolina-based Plan2Play is a technology company serving the needs of the fitness and wellness industries. Plan2Play’s ARC software is a comprehensive fitness business platform that allows owners to save time, increase revenue, and foster community, all while delivering the best customer experience (CXM) to their members. The software solution is now available for purchase by independent fitness facilities. The company was founded in 2020 by accomplished software engineer Louise Fahys and her partner, highly successful tech entrepreneur Layton Judd, to empower business owners to build community and compete in the increasingly fragmented fitness space.


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