At a time when you are completely out of your workout stations i.e. gyms and clubs, Resistance bands can play a pivotal role to suffice your regular weight training or resistance training. People from across the world are making workout videos featuring different domestic kinds of stuff, well, in that case, people who have resistance bands have some advantages over posture and precision of the workout.

According to some studies, our muscle responds to strength training if we use resistance bands the same way as it does with other fitness equipment like free weights and several machines.

Apparently, the major reason why people ain’t using resistance band extensively, as they don’t know how to use them besides doesn’t know which one is the perfect one for them.

Before we hit the tips of buying resistance, let’s see how effective these are and their benefits:-


Benefits of Resistance bands

With the use of the resistance band, you can work on your muscle and body coordination. Working like a cable machine, Resistance bands give a constant tension to the body.

Do a cost-effective workout

Well, In comparison to other fitness equipment, Resistance bands are quite cheaper and easy to handle. Just do it and keep in your rucksack. A perfect home fitness accessory these resistance bands are.

Adjust anytime when you want

Resistance bands are available in different levels, viz. light, medium and heavy. You can always increase the resistance by gripping near to the joints challenging your engaged muscles or you can use multiple resistance bands to increase the challenge. So, adjusting its resistance as per your requirement is the best thing you can do with these latex bands.

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Engage the whole body muscle 

Many resistance band kits come with an informative guidebook suggesting different kinds of workouts that you can try with them. If you practice each and every suggested workout, you are going to hit your full body’s muscle.

Easy peasy to carry

Wherever you go you can take these resistance bands in your rucksack. Being elastic in nature and light to carry, these resistance bands are quite portable to carry and smart to possess.

Safe and secure workout

Resistance bands being light and portable offer you a safe and secure workout when no one is nearby to you. You can safely complete your full body workout without dropping any heavy medal on the floor or making any sound causing trouble to your neighbor. Well, you can always listen to heavy rock metal songs while doing so.

Adding more perks:-

  • Warm-up & Mobility
  • Static Stretching
  • Rehabilitation & Pre-habilitation
  • Alternative to Weight Training (Full Body Workouts with Bands Only)

It is quite inevitable that after learning benefits associated with the resistance band, you want to hit purchase button online or want to head nearby sports store to grab these bands. Well, before you head to buy one, you need to see some buying tips:

  • Try to purchase a variety of bands. Most of the bands that you will notice in the market will be color-coded as per their tension level viz. light, medium, heavy and very heavy. It is recommended to try at least medium and heavy to start with as different muscle groups has different level of resistance.
  • Just go for comfortable and easy to use bands. Some resistance bands come with interchangeable handles; well you can always take those handles off whenever you want to change it with other one.
  • Try to make it simple, as there are a variety of bands available in the market like Sheet Bands, Looped Bands and Tube Bands. If you are a beginner, just stick to the basic one.

 Conclusively, it’s you only who can decide which one to buy, depending upon your body strength and body’s power. Well, best of luck for the resistance band.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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