Gut health is very important to maintain and it is very crucial as far as our overall health is concerned. According to studies, our gastrointestinal tract or gut is more complex and prevails a huge impact on our whole-body health. If we have a healthy gut, then it will certainly promote a strong immune system, better heart health, brain health, overcoming stress and effective digestion. Whatever we eat should be digested properly, because indigestion is the sole cause of having poor gut health.

What are Probiotics

Probiotics are indeed good bacteria that can help boost the levels of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria in the gut. The word probiotic means “for life,” which is the opposite of antibiotic. The usage of antibiotics indiscriminately kills both bad and good bacteria, whereas Probiotics, or Direct-Fed Microbials (DFMs), helps to keep our intestinal microflora to a healthy state, thus making the right inflow of good bacteria into it.

To avail this bacteria for the betterment of our health, various probiotic foods are available, which will help us boosting maximum stability in our gut to maintain a healthy and disease-free lifestyle. At present people are opting for probiotic supplements, which is not a better choice to keep your gut healthy. However, in such a case it is necessary to avail natural foods to replenish the need for probiotics.

Health Benefits of Probiotic Foods

The benefits of probiotics are unique and makes wonders to promote a healthy gut. Probiotics are living bacteria and are therefore sensitive to conditions such as pH, moisture, and temperature. Studies suggest that various strains of probiotics can benefit digestion, nutrient absorption, and immune health.

  • Prevents Diarrhoea – Diarrhoea is caused due to irritable bowel movements. An unhealthy gut will always welcome diarrhoea keeping you sick at all times. Having probiotic foods will combat different forms of diarrhoea, including sporadic infectious diarrhoea, acute watery diarrhoea, and diarrhoea due to rotavirus, thus maintaining healthy digestion.
  • Lowers down Bad Cholesterol – Bad cholesterol is not good for the body and should be taken care of. It has been observed that consuming probiotic foods lowers down bad cholesterol levels due to the presence of Lactobacillus bacteria. Lactobacillus bacteria is another bacteria present in the intestine, its name came from lactic acid and is often used as probiotics. Lactobacillus is a probiotic strain that thrives at body temperature, showcasing that L. plantarum is meant to live in hosts. It can effectively withstand low pH levels and endure high bile acidic conditions in the intestine.
  • Boosts Immunity – With improved gut health, you will not be sick at all times. Having probiotic foods will certainly boost your immune system by preventing the growth of harmful bacteria in your intestine. This prevention will promote the production of natural antibodies in the body, thus boosting immune cells like the IgA-producing cells and T lymphocytes, which acts as a natural killer to remove bad bacteria from our gut.

Best 5 Probiotic Foods

1.) Yoghurt

Probiotic foods Yoghurt is a widely available probiotic food that you can have to keep your gut healthy. A bowl of yoghurt in a day has all the powerful strains of probiotics such as lactobacillus and bifidobacteria. Consuming yoghurt regularly offers to improve digestion, stronger bones and helps to regulate high blood pressure. However, in many cases, it is observed that the consumption of yoghurt reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

2.) Apples

Probiotic foods Apple in a day will certainly keep your sickness away, as they are rich in dietary fibres to offer you a healthy gut. Apples contain pectin, a type of fibre that promotes the growth of good bacteria. Also, the consumption of apples produces short-chained fatty acids, which provides favourable pH conditions for ensuring a beneficial balance of microorganisms.

3.) Pickles

Probiotic foods Pickles are considered a traditional form of probiotic foods in India. Pickles are made by fermenting vegetables and fruits, that are loaded with probiotics. It does wonders for our digestion process and keeps all our gut problems away. Many studies say that a well-fermented pickle offers many benefits, which includes promoting clearer skin, better immune function, increased gastrointestinal health, and even reducing depression. Besides all, pickles contains low in calories and high in vitamin K and sodium.

4.) Soy Milk

Probiotic foods Soy Milk is lactose-free and comes naturally laden with probiotics. Being the best probiotic foods, soy milk helps to reduce your cholesterol level and is beneficial for weight loss. It contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids which inhibit the transport of cholesterol into your bloodstream. For those who are facing high cholesterol or have a family history of coronary heart diseases, soy milk will be a boon for them, as it lowers your blood concentrations of triglyceride and low-density lipoproteins and thus raises the level of high-density lipoproteins, putting off bad cholesterol from your body.

5.) Green Peas

Probiotic foods Green peas as one of the best sources of probiotic foods are loaded with an array of benefits to promote a healthy gut. Including green peas in your diet is a wise decision to keep away all indigestion worries. Green peas are an excellent source of insoluble dietary fibre which allows managing your appetite, thus making you feel full. It has been seen that gut problems often lead to constipation, leading to various disorders. However, in such a scenario consumption of green peas offers a complete constipation relief buster, as it aids easy expulsion of stools from your gastrointestinal tract.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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