Zinc, which is important for controlling and regulating immune system function, is not produced by the body naturally, nor it is stored in the body for long-term use, so it has to be taken regularly in foods that are rich in zinc. During diarrhoea, zinc is lost in huge quantities, so it is recommended to have zinc supplements or foods to combat problems like diarrhoea. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has also laid the use of zinc and zinc supplements for various problems.

Zinc is hugely recommended for those who have problems related to eyesight. Zinc plays a pivotal role in maintaining vision, since it is present in high concentrations in the eye, its deficiency can alter vision and can cause severe damage in hampering the retina. Having low zinc in the body may lead to male infertility, sickle cell disease, HIV, depression, and type 2 diabetes. These problems can only be rectified by adequately taking foods rich in zinc.

Health Benefits of Zinc

Zinc is an important ingredient necessary to be consumed to maintain a healthy immune system. A lack of zinc can make a person more vulnerable to disease and illness. Zinc also supports the immune system, relieves oxidative stress, boosts T-cells, pneumonia, infection, supports the functioning of the thymus gland (an important immunity gland), and age-related macular degeneration.

  • Regulates Immune functions – It is observed that our body needs zinc to activate T lymphocytes or T cells. These T cells help to control and regulate immune responses and also attacks infected or cancerous cells.
  • Regulate Blood sugar control – Zinc is widely known to control blood sugar levels and insulin secretion. It keeps blood sugar levels steady and improves our body’s sensitivity towards insulin. Zinc Consumption of foods rich in Zinc will help to reduce insulin resistance, which allows improving our body’s ability to use insulin efficiently to maintain normal blood sugar levels. Besides diabetes, zinc also heals foot ulcers, osteoporosis, and enzymatic reactions.
  • Supports Brain health – Zinc plays a vital role in brain functions. Apart from other organs in the body, zinc concentration is highest in the brain. It is advised not to have zinc deficiency, as changes in the balance of zinc in the brain may affect conditions that include age-related cognitive decline, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Maintain Thyroid functions – Zinc is important for maintaining proper thyroid function, vision, gene expression, cell signalling, and body growth and development.
  • Controls Inflammation – Having foods rich in zinc will help to reduce acne, body inflammation, cold symptoms, including wound healing properties.

Top 5 Foods Rich in Zinc

1.) Chickpeas

Foods rich in zincChickpeas are the most eminent in India and are the choicest ones that people want to eat. Either it’s breakfast or during lunch, chickpeas are always there to satisfy your hunger. In India, chickpeas are commonly used in meals and a variety of dishes have been curated with this. To accommodate your zinc needs, chickpeas are considered the best option. Chickpeas are high in fibre, proteins and zinc, and are considered the best foods rich in zinc.

2.) Pumpkin Seeds

Foods rich in zincPumpkin seeds are considered the best foods rich in zinc. Besides zinc, it also has the required antioxidants which help in reducing inflammation, thus protecting your body from damage caused by free radicals. According to research, eating a diet rich in pumpkin seeds could prevent the risk of cancer.

3.) Beans

Foods rich in zincBeans are also one of the foods rich in zinc. Both kidney and black beans contain soluble and insoluble fibres, proteins, iron, phosphorus, and calcium that supports our overall health. Beans have muscle-boosting protein, with low cholesterol and fat. Consuming them with grains makes them a complete pack of antioxidants foods.

4.) Oats

Foods rich in zincOats seems to be a classic breakfast fully loaded with zinc, fibres, folate, vitamin B6, and beta-glucan. Being a kick starter meal, oats have numerous benefits to keep you healthy. Oats are considered as one of the best foods rich in zinc because it improves your insulin response and proves a boon for most diabetic patients. Incorporating oats in daily meal regulates blood sugar levels and does wonders for those suffering from type 2 diabetes.

5.) Nuts

Foods rich in zincNuts such as cashews, peanuts and almonds are considered the best foods rich in zinc. Apart from healthy nutrients, nuts contain fibre which helps to promote a healthy gut, preventing gut-related disorders. Well, nuts do contain fats, but their fats do not harm you. This healthy fat is considered good fat and does not contains any health issues. Nuts contain monounsaturated fats which help you to lower down your cholesterol and blood sugar levels.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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