Pocket Radar, Inc., a world leader in accurate speed measurement systems, announces today the launch of a next generation product, the Smart Coach Radar. The Smart Coach Radar is the first affordable, complete speed and video training system that empowers the modern athlete and coach in many sports with the ability to create and share a digital record of their progress. By providing actionable insights into important metrics like hitting exit velocity, serve speed and pitch speed, coaches and athletes can now optimize their techniques and methods to get better results in the new era of athletic training.

“Our company vision is to create revolutionary technology that changes the landscape of speed measurement. Introducing the first smart radar gun with pro-level performance sets another new standard,” says Steve Goody, CEO and Co-Founder of Pocket Radar, Inc. “With the new Smart Coach Radar, coaches and athletes of all ages are able to capture accurate speeds integrated with video of their mechanics, or get immediate feedback of their speeds delivered wirelessly to their smartphones. Now, any youth athlete can use the same technology in their backyard that professional players and teams use on the field every day.”

The Smart Coach Radar companion app includes video recording abilities with an embedded speed display that will measure speed and control. With every speed, the app provides instant feedback with audio and speed display and will track results over time so players can monitor their progress. Players can share the videos recorded from the app with their parent, coach, or recruiter to review the results and discuss what improvements need to be made in order to perform better. There’s also a social media integration feature, where players can feel proud to share videos of their results on social media channels like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

“Remote training, personal daily analysis, camps and creating instructional videos just got a huge boost,” says Perry Husband, a top pitching and hitting consultant for Major League and Collegiate championship winning baseball and softball teams. “Portable and easy to set-up, with video for analysis and sharing, this product allows any player or coach to set up a wireless lab for pitching and hitting feedback. The Smart Coach Radar is the most complete tool for objective feedback that I have used when teaching Effective Velocity in baseball and softball.”

The Smart Coach Radar is incredibly convenient and lightweight at just 4.5 ounces with batteries included. It can measure a baseball with +/- 1 MPH accuracy within a 120 foot range. It can be used as a stand-alone radar gun with all of the features of the best-selling Ball Coach Radar or with the companion app. The app stores the data so athletes and coaches can share it at a moment’s notice and receive feedback. It is great for tryouts and player recruiting. Athletes can create a compiled report of many years’ worth of progress in just a matter of seconds by exporting the data.

Now athletes in ball sports like baseball, softball, tennis, volleyball and lacrosse can develop better and more personalized techniques to improve their performance while also monitoring fatigue for injury prevention. The Smart Coach Radar provides a winning combination of traditional speed measurement with modern smartphone capabilities to prepare athletes for a more successful and safer playing career.


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