Now, Chang is launching his brand Physiques Unlimited that will feature training and coaching services for local and international fitness enthusiasts. Chang and his brand are already offering coaching services and dealing with coaching requests from South Korea and the UK.

Being a fitness geek from his young age, Chang has always been into fitness and bodybuilding, making sure to remain fit.

In an interview, Chang revealed his plans for launching his brand Physiques Unlimited. “Since we’re not sure when this pandemic will end, I wanted to utilize my time to interact with other fitness enthusiasts better. One of the best ways was through coaching. It’s truly amazing to have so many followers that are now opting for bodybuilding seeing what I do.

So, I decided to give them a little help by offering coaching services. My inbox is getting full of coaching requests and it’s motivating because it shows that I’m on the right track. It’s not like I’m better than the rest of us in the industry. That can never happen because I idolize them and they are inspirations for me. I’m just trying to motivate others and inspire other people to become a fitness hunk like me and maybe someday compete beside me.”

Right now, Physiques Unlimited has a podcast channel on Spotify and Deezer with people anxiously waiting for the latest episode. Chang also stated that he’ll be inviting fitness guests from abroad to join him on the show. Not only this but Chang is bringing a complete collection of coaching services for its clients.

These include a complete diet plan and guide according to the needs of the clients, personal coaching with personalized training plans, online coaching with diversified training plans and so much more.

Being a winner himself, Chang plans on making sure his clients achieve their fitness goals too. That is why he has added a bodybuilding competition coaching course in his services, offering a complete guide on competing against the big guns of the industry.


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