The prestigious Marylebone Cricket Club’s World Cricket Committee (WCC), consisting of notable figures in the sport, has recommended a significant reduction in men’s One Day Internationals (ODIs) following the completion of the 2027 World Cup. Led by former England captain Mike Gatting, the committee gathered at Lord’s to assess the current state of international cricket.

In a press release issued by the MCC, the committee expressed concerns about the role of men’s ODI cricket outside of the ICC World Cups. To address these concerns and improve the quality of matches, they proposed the elimination of bilateral ODIs, except for those scheduled within one year before each World Cup. This recommendation aims to reduce the frequency of ODIs and create a more valuable space in the international cricketing calendar.

By implementing this proposal, the committee believes that the overall quality of men’s ODIs would be enhanced. Additionally, it would address the existing need for more flexibility in the cricketing calendar. The MCC‘s World Cricket Committee includes respected individuals such as Sourav Ganguly, Jhulan Goswami, Heather Knight, Ramiz Raja, Justin Langer, Graeme Smith, Kumar Sangakkara, and Eoin Morgan, who bring their expertise and insights to shape the future of the sport.


In addition to the reduction of men’s ODIs, the MCC panel has suggested the implementation of strategic funds to safeguard Test cricket and promote the growth of women’s cricket. The committee has highlighted the growing disparity between nations, where a minority of dominant teams receive more advantages under the current system. They believe that without intervention, this disparity could hinder the overall development and progress of the international game.

The MCC committee expressed particular concern for the survival of Test cricket in nations outside of India, Australia, and England. They acknowledged the impact caused by a narrowing competition pool and emphasized the need to address this issue. To do so, they recommended that the International Cricket Council (ICC) conduct a “Test match financial audit.” This audit would help identify nations that require support to sustain their Test match programs. Subsequently, a separate Test match fund could be established to protect the integrity and importance of Test cricket.

Furthermore, the committee proposed global measures to promote the growth of women’s cricket. They emphasized the importance of each nation committing to investing in women’s cricket and fielding a women’s team. In a direct reference to Afghanistan, where women’s cricket is currently prohibited, the committee highlighted the need for inclusivity and urged nations to support the development and participation of women in cricket.

“The committee continues to hear of the growing unaffordability to host men’s Test match cricket in many nations and concluded that the game currently lacks quantifiable data on the costs of hosting a Test match across its member nations. To address this lack of insight, it proposed a recommendation for the ICC to undertake a Test match financial audit to provide a clearer picture. This audit of operational costs versus commercial return would help the ICC identify nations in need of support in order to sustain a Test match programme. This need could be subsequently addressed via a separate Test fund, established to protect the sanctity of Test match cricket,” mentioned the MCC release.

The MCC panel’s recommendations aim to address disparities, protect the sanctity of Test cricket, and promote the growth of women’s cricket at a global level. These proposals reflect the committee’s commitment to the overall well-being and future of the sport.


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