Lifesum, a prominent global healthy eating platform, has made a groundbreaking move by introducing the first-ever Hormonal Meal Plan designed to enhance the well-being of employees and address the often-overlooked issue of hormonal health in the workplace.

This innovative Hormonal Meal Plan is accessible through Lifesum for Work, the leading corporate healthy eating service offered by Lifesum. Major organizations like Amazon and Nike have already leveraged Lifesum for Work to boost workforce wellness, which includes enhancing employee engagement, reducing absenteeism, and increasing overall productivity.

Hormones play a pivotal role in regulating various bodily processes, including stress, mental health, and productivity. However, certain aspects of hormonal health, such as menopause, have typically been considered taboo topics in the workplace.

Lifesum’s Hormonal Meal Plan not only caters to general hormonal health but also offers support for women going through menopause from a nutritional perspective. The economic impact of menopause-related issues is significant, with American women losing an estimated $1.8 billion in working time annually due to these challenges, and one million women in the UK alone leaving their jobs as a result of menopause symptoms.

“Typically, our bodies maintain hormones within a normal level, but modern food processing and sedentary lifestyles make this process more difficult. Lifesum is innovating the next phase of workplace hormonal health by offering a solution for all employees that naturally supports the body in balancing hormones, and leads to a healthier, more productive workforce,” stated Jenny Ragnas, Chief Product Officer at Lifesum.

Employees utilizing Lifesum’s Hormonal Meal Plan will benefit from personalized health insights, guidance, and support, along with access to a variety of recipes and feedback on their micro- and macronutrient intake. With over 65 million users globally, the Lifesum app is a trusted resource, and the addition of the Hormonal Meal Plan demonstrates Lifesum’s commitment to providing individuals and the organizations they work for with top-notch consumer technology to enhance workplace well-being.

“When it comes to workplace hormonal health, menopause is still a taboo topic. While Lifesum’s Hormonal Meal Plan is available for all employees, it also provides a practical workplace intervention to support the hormone health of female employees and promote open conversations. Without the right culture, taboos will remain,” stated Ragnas.

Furthermore, Lifesum’s recent collaboration with ŌURA, which introduced a sleep tracking feature, highlights their dedication to improving overall workplace health and well-being by offering insights into how nutrition impacts sleep, a critical component of overall health.

“The Hormonal Meal Plan is another exciting step towards Lifesum’s holistic approach to workplace health, which empowers everyone to live a longer, healthier life,” attached Ragnas.


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