The Mach X is a new addition to HOKA’s Mach franchise, known for its high-speed performance and comfort. It is a plated road shoe designed to provide revolutionary performance for both daily training and racing purposes. The shoe incorporates a propulsive Pebax® plate, which offers high-rebound cushioning and responsiveness, allowing runners to push their pace and achieve a race-ready feel.

HOKA athletes played a significant role in inspiring the development of the Mach X, as they expressed the need for a plated shoe that would enhance their mid-week workouts and uptempo sessions. By combining the signature comfort and support of the Mach franchise with the Pebax® plate, HOKA created a trainer that delivers the desired performance while ensuring durability for consistent mileage.

Colin Ingram, the Vice President of Product at HOKA, describes the Mach X as a high-performance tempo shoe with exceptional rebound, perfect for runners aiming to match the speed of competitive athletes. He emphasizes that the shoe provides the quintessential HOKA ride—soft and snappy—and is ideal for those looking to hit the ground running.

In terms of performance, the Mach X offers a sharper and faster feel compared to HOKA’s non-plated styles. The midsole’s Pebax® propulsion plate, combined with advanced foam compounds, strikes a balance between propulsion and stability, making it suitable for daily use. The midsole utilizes PEBA foam for enhanced bounce, while a slightly firmer bottom midsole provides predictability, making it an excellent trainer for challenging efforts outside of race settings.

The Mach X also focuses on durability and traction. It features extended outsole coverage to support the innovative midsole technology. The upper design incorporates a gusseted tongue and creel jacquard construction, providing a sleek and speed-enabled fit. The shoe is lightweight and breathable, ensuring comfort during longer efforts.

The Mach X is available for purchase at an MSRP of $180. It weighs 9.4 ounces for a men’s size 10 and 8.0 ounces for a women’s size 8. The stack height is 39mm in the heel and 34mm in the forefoot for men, and 37mm in the heel and 32mm in the forefoot for women.

You can purchase the Mach X today on HOKA’s official website ( or through authorized HOKA dealers worldwide.

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