The clinically backed fitness brand with company-owned, state-of-the-art studios in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago makes its debut across the pond with franchise studios in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

P.volve, the celebrity-loved, functional fitness brand founded in 2017 with corporate headquarters in New York and franchise headquarters in Chicago, announced its franchise expansion into the United Kingdom after increasing demand. Since inception, the brand has accumulated a large social media following and has attracted celebrity brand-fans including Kate Bosworth, Lauryn Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential, Venus Williams, Molly Sims, Olivia Culpo and many more, which has launched its international acclaim.

The fitness franchise’s hybrid model of a global, on-demand platform and an in-person, high-end studio experience focuses on giving clients the chance to move with purpose and meet them where they are (in home or in studio) in their fitness journey. The method pairs its patented equipment line with functional movements designed to strengthen the entire body, improve mobility and posture and reduce everyday pain by focusing on challenging the traditional norms of fitness. Bridging the fitness and healthcare space, P.volve has revolutionized the vanity-driven fitness industry with a holistic approach and a special focus on improving women’s health.

It’s low-impact studio classes include a variety of sculpting, cardio and recovery classes (Strength & Sculpt, Cardio Burn and Recover & Stretch) so that clients can craft a routine based on their goals — whether strengthening and toning, cardiovascular health and weight loss or flexibility and muscle recovery. The brand is shaking up fitness norms across the globe, and now, the method will make its way to the masses by adding a projected 25-plus locations in the next five years in the U.K., with the first location opening in London.

P.volve’s Vice President of Studio and Franchise Operations RJ Krone explained more about the trajectory for the brand’s launch in the U.K.

“We would like to begin awarding UK franchises in 2022,” said Krone. “And three to five franchises in 2022 would be a great goal for us to have.”

Why the U.K. Is a Great Market for P.volve

Julie Cartwright, P.volve’s President, discussed why the U.K. will be a great move for the business and stated that Europeans tend to value overall wellness, emphasize daily movement as a method for weight loss and generally prefer holistic, natural approaches for pain management.

Krone added in statistics, stating that the U.K. is in the top-20 market for P.volve in general and ranks fourth for shipments and products, which he stated “was a pretty significant portion.”

Cartwright pointed out that another highlight of targeting the brand’s U.K. consumers is the intersection of fitness and health care that connects it to the public sector.

“We felt like it was critical to be germane to the country — to have those legitimate ‘boots on the ground’ and not satellite offices. Wholly owned entities that are considered a local representation impact the economy,” said Cartwright. “In a lot of European countries, the healthcare industry obviously is public sector. So I think that’s key.”

Franchise Development and Support in the U.K.

P.volve is at a strong starting point to launch franchises in the U.K., as the U.K. market is a top international market with great brand awareness with consistent desire for P.volve’s groundbreaking methodology to have an in person presence , and there’s a well-thought-out game-plan for how to support franchises once they are established.

“I’m sensitive to the idea of how to support franchises,” said Krone. “We are based out of New York and have access to trainers that are on the East Coast and across the pond, and I have the operational components to be able to support someone in the U.K. The flight is relatively short compared to someone flying from Los Angeles.”

Alex Puccillo, P.volve’s Director of Franchise Development, projected that, with the resources and logistics the fitness franchise has in place, the brand has a goal to award more than 25 franchisees in the next five years.

“That could mean 5-10 area developments of 3-5 units each, or it could mean 25 individuals,” said Puccillo. “That’s our initial research, and we’re continuing to work with our partners, both on the real estate and data analytics teams to refine it.”

Krone noted that P.volve has an international real estate presence, with its master real estate broker being Colliers out of Chicago with additional offices in the UK.

P.volve’s Projected Impact on the U.K. Market

P.volve has had undeniable early success in its franchising endeavors in the U.S., and this is because of its subscribers. In fact, two of the brand’s first franchise owners were P.volver’s and had either been using the method since its inception or joined during COVID-19. The loyalty factor was huge for these owners, and they wanted to invest in a brand that had revolutionized the way it approached fitness and wellness.

“We’re not necessarily having to educate them about the method,” said Krone. “They understand how the business actually operates and find success operating our brick-and-mortar studios. It’s been really interesting because they’re very educated potential franchise candidates who know more about people than any of the brands I’ve been a part of before. And now we’re able to reach into the U.K. with the same type of methodology.”

Krone further described the P.volve method as “sticky,” in that once people try it and love it — they never go back to another fitness method. This is what has captivated the audience that P.volve currently has, both online and in person, and why it has already shown strong indicators for success in the U.K. market.

“We’re not looking for our studios to have 2,000 members; it’s more like 350-400 members. And if you look in a territory of 50-60,000 individuals, you should be able to come up with 400 individuals that ‘stick’ the method once they start working with it,” explained Krone. “It’s age agnostic. When we have our brick-and-mortar classes, it’s not uncommon to see a 20-something woman in there and a 61-year-old woman.”

These indicators speak strongly for the brand’s purpose and mission: That movement, pain-management and strength are for everyone. The franchise is continuing this mission to give clients the chance to move with purpose and “meet them where they are” with its franchise locations in the U.K.

In describing her excitement for P.volve reaching the U.K. market with brick-and-mortar locations and the indescribable impact reaching new people has, she stated, “It’s very hard to describe to people; the people who are experiencing it and the benefits become our most passionate advocates.”

P.volve has plans to reach 250+ locations awarded in markets across the United States and U.K. within the next 5 years and is actively recruiting franchisees who want to join the growing brand. Top markets for development include London, Birmingham and Manchester.


P.volve is a functional training method that reduces pain, improves balance and builds total body strength. P.volve launched in November 2017 and was co-founded by Rachel Katzman and Stephen Pasterino, in partnership with Camelot Venture Group, whose portfolio companies include 1-800 CONTACTS, SmileDirectClub and Quicken Loans. Available worldwide, P.volve is headquartered in New York City.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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