Health Practitioner and Certified Nutritionist Dr. Joseph Williams, also referred to as Dr. Joe Williams has of late helped at least 400 students lose a little over 8000 pounds in total through his 40 Day Turn Up Challenge. The 40 Day Turn Up is nothing but a program that was developed through social media that runs for a period of 40 days, which connects the mind, body and soul of people and help them be their best version. He strongly is of the opinion that the best cure for a disease would only be its prevention. The next pre-orientation session is due to be held on September 05, 2020. In order to obtain more details on the same, people can log in to the website

According to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention or the CDC as it is called more often, the stress levels go up mainly due to anxiety and fear, especially when it comes to dealing with health related issues such as COVID-19, including civil unrest. One of the participants of the program, Pastor Kent Jelks had recounted the transformation undergone by him during the 40 day period as a life changing experience who had recently tested positive for COVID-19.

Jelks had released a book recently which was titled as “The Journey: Principles Of Total Life Transformation” which has been helping people who have been trying to achieve transformative action. This book mainly addresses the issues of mind, body and spirit in order to achieve a healthier daily life. Dr. Joe Williams has been intentionally setting the requisite parameters on what is required to achieve a real lifestyle change, which is actually the change that is coming in the mind, body and spirit. When he had learnt how to detoxify emotionally and recalibrate spiritually, it had helped him to lose weight.

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