Fresh Thyme Market, a full-service specialty retailer has been helping customers by focusing on organic, fresh and healthy offerings that are value-priced. As they are conscious of the role played by them in the lives of people, Fresh Thyme showcases itself as a valuable partner to its communities. This brand has been presenting a thoughtful approach to how health and wellness can be managed. In line with its efforts, the brand has announced a new logo for itself, including an advertising campaign that would be aired on Sunday, 30th August 2020.

Being the year that has seen a swift change in consumers, the brand has also adapted to change by bringing about a change in its name and logo that is expected to meet the expectations of the consumer. The brand has through its new logo tried to bring about a change, including a new purpose through its brand. The design that has been chosen is really what Fresh Thyme is all about and what it promises for its customers.

Distillery Project has re-designed the new logo of the brand, which looks a lot sharper and refined, consisting of green and white letters and condensed words.

Fresh Thyme has made its debut with its latest commercial and is set to start a new advertising campaign and the ad is titled “This is Real” which features real Fresh Thyme Shoppers. This commercial presents three families who are involved in the preparation and eating of dinner at their own homes.

John Condon, Founder as well as Chief Creative Officer of The Distillery Project mentioned that it has always been hard for people to know what to do in order to remain healthy.

The ad has been emphasizing that with the world experiencing continuous change, it has become difficult for people to understand what is real. However, Fresh Thyme shoppers have been eating real and healthy foods and silently taking good care of their health.

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