Dash On Demand, a Digital Fitness Company made the announcement that its latest launch has been the website Dashondemand.tv. Dashondemand.tv is one such website that aims to redefine the experience of running workouts and traditional treadmill. It is perfectly placed to become the major platform when it comes to coaching for activities associated with running and treadmill fitness classes. Dash is expected to provide the best of coaches and trainers in order to accomplish all kinds of fitness goals.

Brad Swett, CEO of Dash stated that the time has come to love one’s workout wherever the person may be situated. He further stated that there are different goals set by different people when it comes to running as well as fitness. While some individuals may perform workouts for achieving overall health and fitness, other individuals might be searching for ways to relieve stress or even build endurance. Finally she added that whatever the goals maybe of anybody, they can take the ultimate treadmill and running training program along with them wherever they travel and can continue to achieve their goals.

DashonDemand.tv provides a diverse set of fitness goals from which individuals can choose the one they prefer and create a program that would be best suited for them. The Company’s trainers would be working with their students in each class in order to deliver the ultimate training experience. Moreover, DashonDemand.tv’s treadmill and running classes are considered to be a solution that is also highly affordable  for those individuals who are looking to obtain the best training available.

Elizabeth, one of the subscribers to the platform mentions that the workouts have been very simple to follow and all the instructions can be seen on the screen.

DashonDemand.tv is currently available online and the cost of subscription works out to USD 14.99 every month and the subscribers would need to pay USD 99 in case they wish to opt for a yearly subscription.


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