STRIDE Fitness, a prominent boutique fitness brand, has announced an exciting September challenge to encourage its community to stay strong and active as summer transitions into fall. The challenge involves completing 12 classes within the month, with enticing prizes awaiting those who successfully accomplish this fitness feat.

Committed to fostering a sense of community and assisting participants in achieving their health and wellness goals, STRIDE’s September Back to STRIDE Challenge is designed for individuals of all fitness levels. It aims to inspire a higher level of fitness, camaraderie, and motivation among its members. Runners are encouraged to attend 3 to 4 classes per week to establish a consistent fitness routine. Completing the challenge also grants participants the opportunity to enter a drawing for a 7-day Princess Cruise, providing added motivation for their efforts.

Community involvement is a key aspect of the challenge, with members encouraged to invite friends and family to join them at STRIDE Fitness studios. Referring a first timer who attends a class in September earns members an additional entry for a chance to win the exciting Princess Cruise.

To enhance the overall experience, STRIDE has partnered with Blueshift Nutrition, offering complimentary samples of Electrolytes, Pre-Workout, and Recovery Post-Workout at select STRIDE Fitness studios. Blueshift Nutrition’s supplements are known for combining the goodness of superfoods with research-backed nutrients, all without added sugar or artificial sweeteners. This partnership extends to a nationwide sampling tour, running until early December, giving STRIDE members the opportunity to sample various Blueshift Nutrition supplement Super blends, enhancing their rehydration, recovery, and workout experience. Members will also gain insights into Blueshift’s research backed Super blends through Blueshift’s field marketing team.

Jeff Stokes, President of STRIDE, emphasized the importance of consistency in forming fitness habits, particularly in activities like running, jogging, and walking. The September challenge of completing 12 classes serves as an excellent way to reintroduce people to fitness routines as they transition into their fall schedules. It offers participants of all skill levels the chance to push themselves, cultivate consistent habits, and find their stride on their fitness journey. By combining the motivating energy of group fitness with the exhilaration of endurance training, STRIDE aims to provide a month of personal growth, achievement, and empowerment.

STRIDE is well-known for its comprehensive total body workouts, encompassing cardio, strength, and core training. Their dynamic HIIT class formats are delivered in a supportive and welcoming environment, led by STRIDE Fitness Certified Coaches. These coaches are dedicated to providing the best in-class running experiences, enhanced by cutting-edge technology such as STRIDE Fitness heart rate monitors, in-studio STRIDE Stat leaderboards, and state-of-the-art Woodway treadmills. STRIDE Fitness studios take pride in catering to individuals of all fitness levels, ensuring that everyone can achieve their fitness aspirations.


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